10 BGMI locations for finding Spider-Man web shooters in Erangel Map

10 BGMI locations for finding Spider-Man web shooters in Erangel Map

Update 1.8 has finally arrived at BGMI, and with it, the fans’ favorite Spider-Man mode has also appeared in the game. This mode is the result of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official collaboration with the Spider-Man franchise to celebrate the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The mode, available only in Erangel and Livik, offers players a chance to experience the life of Spider-Man. Therefore, Krafton has put web-based shooting tools around the maps for BGMI players to use and climb heights with ease.

What are the best sites for BGMI players to visit in Erangel to find shooters on the web?

1) A garage near Novoropnoye

There is a garage located in a complex near Novoropnoye. Players can often find a Dacia or a tricycle in it. However, players can find web shooting tools in that garage in Spider-Man mode.

2) Warehouse in Gorgopol

Georgopool boxes often act as BGMI’s Erangel hot drops. However, players who drop into the area can head to the northern warehouse to find web shooters.

3) Stairs to school

One of the most popular places in the game is the main school building in Erangel. Players can reach near the stairs and find web shooters.

4) warehouse in quarry

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5) Three-storey house in Rozhok

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Although there are various complexes located in the city of Rozhok, it does not have many houses with web-shooters. However, players can head to the three-story building on North Rozhok Hill and find web-shooters there.

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6) Well staircase in the school apartments

Players who drop into the southwest apartment in the school’s apartment area can find web shooters in the building’s stairwell.

7) Buildings C at Sosnovka Military Base

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The C buildings of the Sosnovka military base attract many visitors due to the large loot they contain. The North Building contains web-shooters.

8) Tower in Water City

The Tower in Water City is an excellent place for gamers who love camping in BGMI. They can get to the top of the tower and find shooting tools on the web.

9) Two-storey house in Pochinki

Players who go down to Pochinki can head to the two-story house in the area and find web shooters on the first floor.

10) Shelter

There are several places in the shelter that contain spider-man web shooter games. Players can either enter the shelter from the north or south gate to get web archers before the others.

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