5 best Android games like PUBG Mobile Lite under 200 MB file size

The recent ban on PUBG Mobile as well as PUBG Mobile Lite by Indian administration has shaken gaming world. Needless to say, players are looking for the best alternative to their most-loved combat royale games.

Although PUBG Mobile is a demanding mobile game that was equipped with high-end graphics and superior performance, numerous other games require less resources.

They’re not going to take much space in your gadget. Therefore, if you’re not able to spare more than 300MB of memory Here are some of the most popular PUBG Mobile games you should consider.

Five best games like PUBG Mobile under 300MB

1) Survival Battleground Free Fire: Battle Royale

A game that takes the gameplay components of PUBG Mobile as well as Free Fire, Survival Battleground Free Fire: Battle Royale is a game which only consumes 141MB of your device.

The game is built around the battle royale style of battle. The players are taken to an arena, where they must to become the sole player to survive. The game is smooth and is well-designed, and can be played for many hours.

2) Battle Royale 3D – Warrior63

Another game that was inspired by the popular battle royale gameplay developed by PUBG, Battle Royale 3D is a game with a minimal size that requires only 146MB memory on your mobile phone.

The players are dropped on a four-kilometer quadruple map made up of different terrains that you have to battle until the end. The game is smooth to play and good graphics, which make it an excellent PUBG Mobile alternative for lower-end mobile phones.

3) Rocket Royale

Rocket Royale is a battle royale game which tries to bring its own distinctive feature to BR game that may feel monotonous at times. It is influenced from both Fortnite as well as PUBG, Rocket Royale sets the challenge for players to find parts to build an escape plan to get off the island they’re stuck on.

However, players are able to smash each other’s rockets, which means that the game is about building forts that protect yourself. Rocket Royale only takes up the 260MB of space in your gadget.

4) Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground

A cross-over between Minecraft and PUBG Pixel’s Unknown Battlegrounds is a relatively light application that utilizes stunning pixelated graphics found in games such as Minecraft. It is a combination of the brutal battle royale game that is PUBG Mobile.

The game has interesting graphics and an exciting BR gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. In addition, the game occupies 183MB of your device, which makes it suitable for every Android devices.

5) Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale has taken the BR genre of games, such as PUBG Mobile, and has created its own version of the game. Its top-down design features colorful and cartoonish designs, Battlelands Royale could easily be confused with anything else than an actual Battle Royale.

But, the game is a great representation of the genre with good gameplay, an excellent selection of weapons and equipment and a smooth experience on all devices. The game takes only the memory of 208MB on your smartphone.

What is the best way to play local multiplayer online?

1. Words With Friends 2 The name of this game is “Words, With, Friends.” Gather your parents, siblings aunt distant cousin, coworker or your boss together and ask players to create words using the letters that were given to you. The person who earns the highest score is the winner. Your brain will also be able to exercise because there is only so much can be arranged to fit the Z into. Z. Aren’t you annoyed drawing the letter Z in Scrabble?

2. PUBG Mobile Play for free, accessible on both Android as well as iOS. It also has an in-game chat feature which lets players talk to their teammates while playing. Additionally to that, the game has games with different modes like Team Death match, Battle Royale Mode and more.

While the hardware requirements of the game is excessive, there’s an alternative edition of the game that is specifically designed to run on lower-end devices.

Fortnite HTML0 Epic’s battle royale for kids has a huge following of gamers. While many players are focused on winning the subsequent Victory Royale, the game provides a myriad of challenges for players to tackle and conquer. “The game continues to evolve with frequent changes to the map, so the current game world will not be the same until the end of the eight-week self-quarantine,” says Chris Erb, gaming expert and the founder of TripleClix. Erb says that the cartoon-like graphics are appealing to players of all different ages, “but keep in mind that you use the gun to shoot other players in the game.” Fortnite is available for free on Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4 and mobile.

Minecraft: Erb says that this is as the “ultimate collaboration” and notes that it last year saw revival and is continuing to grow with every new generation of gamers. A maximum of eight players can play online and construct whatever they want to think up in the creative mode or perhaps just join to test how long they endure playing survival. can. “And if a parent has a child in the home who has never tried it, a few weeks away from school may be the perfect time to introduce them,” Erb states. Minecraft’s building mechanics transform kids into budding engineers of the future. All ages of gamers are able to play Minecraft for free on Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4 and mobile at a cost of $20. It’s available for free with Xbox Game Pass.

Contact of Duty: Mobile Free-to-Play. Available for both Android and iOS Activision is among the most well-known mobile games with tons of game modes and maps to pick from. It was developed with Tencent Games, which is also the creator of PUBG Mobile The game has similar game mechanics as well as highly responsive controls. Call of Duty Mobile also includes a chat function in the game that lets players communicate with their team members.

Uno : Free-to-play, Paytm First Games, Available on Android and iOS

The Uno is a game that probably doesn’t need an introduction. It has been in play for quite a while in the form of a game for cards, and the digital version comes with similar features to that of the actual game. Additionally, the game offers tournaments as well as a variety of different modes available. It also has the 2v2 multiplayer mode, which allows players to group up to play the game with each other.

Ludo King: Paytm First Games The free-to-play game for Android as well as iOS was named the top game of 2019. However, it it was beaten out by COD Mobile. The game’s popularity remains and it has more than 300 million downloaded. The name implies that this game is based off the well-known board game. The most appealing aspect of it is it’s accessible for PC, Android as well as iOS and also supports cross-platform multiplayer gaming.

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