Top 5 Best Realme smartphones that support PUBG Mobile at 60 FPS

In today’s world, no mobile gamer would buy a phone without reading how to play PUBG on it. One brand that the mobile gaming community is leaning heavily towards these days is the former BBK giant, Realme.

Originally rated as a mid-range/killer brand, Realme has now grown to serve consumers interested in various products across the price spectrum. This is great news for PUBG fans who are interested in the brand, as it has several phones on offer that can support the game at high settings.

This article includes the best mobile phones for gamers from the Chinese giant that they can use to play PUBG. It is worth noting that all the devices in the list can only support PUBG in high settings only with a stable network connection.

Top 5 Best Realme phones that are perfect for PUBG Mobile fans List

5) Realme 9 5G

  • Pros: Display, battery, value for money
  • Cons: Camera, bloatware, build quality

The 9 5G is one of the most talked about devices from last month, the month that saw the launch of a slew of devices in this price bracket, and it’s an upgrade over the already formidable Realme 9 from February. The MT 6833 Dimensity processor with a large, high-quality IPS LCD screen means that PUBG fans will be satisfied with this budget device.

Mobile gamers, especially those who engage in Battle Royale games like PUBG, know very well the importance of a large battery. And Realme meets this need with a large battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. This giant battery can also be quickly recharged using an 18W fast charger.

  • Price: $259/15,999 INR
  • Specs: IPS LCD, 90Hz 6.5-inch, MediaTek MT6833P Dimensity 810 5G (6 nm), Mali-G57 MC2, 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM, Li-Po 5000 mAh, fast charging 18W

4) Realme GT

  • Pros: Flagship-level performance, excellent design, build quality, display
  • Cons: No wireless charging, no waterproofing, average camera for the price

This flagship device from 2021 is one of the best deals one can get in the smartphone space today. Its specs are more than efficient to handle just about anything a heavy user might want to use it for, including indulging in long PUBG sessions.

The huge battery and screen help the gaming experience here; The device is designed to ensure that heating issues are not a problem even with heavy use.

The main selling point of this device, compared to the newer mid-range devices, is that it comes with an SD 800 series processor, which means that it will continue to deliver the same level of great performance for years to come. This is something that most mid-range processors lack.

However, the age of the device means that it will receive one update less than the latest phones.

  • Price: $329/24,000 INR
  • Specs: Super AMOLED, 120Hz HDR10+ 6.43-inch, SD 888, Adreno 660, 128 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM, 4500 mAh, 65W fast charging

3) Realme 9 Pro+

  • Pros: Battery, excellent camera, multi-color design
  • Cons: No waterproofing, average secondary lenses

The 9 Pro+, the flagship of the company’s 9 series, is a power-packed mid-range device that offers an exceptional experience when you’re playing PUBG on it, despite it being a camera-focused device. The refresh rate leaves nothing to be desired given the price point, but the screen itself is vibrant and offers vivid colors and deep blacks.

The high-quality AMOLED panel is also ideal for gamers who want to tweak the color settings in PUBG to make enemies more visible. A long refresh cycle has also been promised for this phone, along with OTA updates to boost performance even further. So this phone will be a long-term investment for PUBG fans.

The heart rate monitoring feature is also a nice addition for health-conscious consumers.

  • Price: 24,000 INR (currently not available in the US but sells for between $300 to $350)
  • Specs: Super AMOLED, 90Hz 6.4-inch Gorilla Glass 5, MediaTek Dimensity 920, Mali G-68, 256 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM, 4500 mAh, 60W fast charging.

2) Realme GT 2

  • Pros: Cheaper than GT 2 Pro
  • Cons: Average speaker output, bad secondary sensors, no waterproofing

GT 2 is the latest addition to Realme’s most popular category in the “flagship killer” space. It packs the latest and greatest GPU and CPU, similar to the flagship phones you’ve encountered. But some compromises have been made on the screen and cameras to help keep the price down.

The main tradeoffs here are the lack of an LTPO display and the quality of the secondary camera sensors. The main camera and AMOLED display presented here are a perfect fit for most users, and only the most attentive PUBG fans will notice these trade-offs.

The GT 2 is an excellent offering that is much cheaper than its bigger brother, the GT 2 Pro. Users who prioritize only PUBG performance and battery can save some money by using GT 2.

  • Price: $664/34,999 INR
  • Specs: AMOLED, 120 Hz HDR10+ 6.62-inch, SM8350 SD 888 5G, Adreno 660, 128 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM, 5000 mAh, 65W fast charging.

1) Realme GT 2 Pro

  • Pros: cheapest SM8450 phone, LTPO AMOLED Display
  • Cons: No wireless charging, 144Hz refresh rate

Realme’s first proper flagship phone, the GT 2 Pro, had content creators and tech journalists in shock over the value it was offering at its price point. Best-in-class display, giant battery, revamped software, and much more make this mobile a great deal for PUBG gamers and anyone else who enjoys getting the most out of their money.

A recurring problem even with some expensive Realme phones, the average camera has received a lot of attention here as the phone’s cameras are comparable to many of the main camera cameras, such as the Pixel 6. The excellent image processing requires Realme to include a great GPU that will enhance the experience of PUBG players.

Simply put, this is the best Realme has to offer, and it is guaranteed to deliver one of the best PUBG experiences money can buy.

  • Price: $749/50,000 INR
  • Specs: LTPO2 AMOLED, 120 Hz HDR10+ 6.7-inch, SM8450, Adreno 730, 128 GB ROM, 8 GB RAM, 5000 mAh 65W fast charging.

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