5 best shooting games to play on Android after BGMI ban in India

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, which Krafton launched in July of 2023. The game was able to boast more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store prior to when Google removed it as per the Indian Government’s directives according to the statement of the tech giant following the game’s demise.

The well-known tactical shooter game is now banned across the United States pursuant to section 69(A) in the Information Technology Act. The game was accused of BGMI was storing and sharing sensitive user information to servers located in China. But, these claims are denied by Krafton’s statement.

The BGMI ban is believed to be permanent, just like the ban on PUBG Mobile (September 2020) and Garena Free Fire (February 2023). Due to this, players have no option other than to search for a suitable alternative to BGMI. They’re fortunate to find numerous options in the Play Store as well as the App Store.

Disclaimer: This list does not appear in any particular order, but rather reflects the views of the writer. The games listed on the list are all free but they do include an array of in-app purchases.

Best options for Indian fans following an outright ban BGMI (Android)

1) New State Mobile

Krafton released an upgraded version of their popular game, PUBG Mobile, in November 2021. It was dubbed PUBG New State. Krafton switched the game’s name back in the name to New State Mobile, but the gameplay and the majority of features are similar to PUBG Battlegrounds/PUBG Mobile.

New State Mobile offers high-quality graphics and incredible game Physics. Its VFX and animations that play during the game also improve the game experience. However, as with PUBG Mobile (or BGMI), users must master the recoil patterns of various weapons.

New State Mobile is not the same as BGMI in a few ways, since players can enjoy a wealth of modern features that were present in the previous. Users can play with multiple devices after buying similar ones on the battlefield. Additionally, the advanced transportation system makes it simple to move throughout the map.

2) Call of Duty Mobile

If you are looking to rank the top shooter games, several games that are part of within the Call of Duty franchise will surely make the top of the list. The mobile version to the franchise, Call of Duty Mobile isn’t as great as the console or PC versions, but it’s still among the top games in its genre.

A majority of the game content available in the game COD Mobile receives via seasonal updates is based on features that have been introduced within various other Call of Duty titles. Thus, those who love well-known COD titles can enjoy their favourite characters, guns maps, operator abilities and other perks via Call of Duty Mobile.

Concerning playing game’s multiplayer FPS gaming experience COD Mobile is arguably the most varied game featuring a range of maps to select from. Furthermore, players can buy skins for the most popular operators such as Ghost, Captain Price, Soap, Roach, Templer and many more, in addition to a wide array of blueprints for weapon designs.

3) Apex Legends Mobile

The next possible BGMI alternatives is the relatively new shooter Apex Legends Mobile. The game, which is free to play, is a mobile version to Apex Legends that was launched worldwide in May 2023 by EA as well as Respawn Entertainment in May 2023.

Similar to in the first game players have the option of choosing their favorite character and utilize special abilities that give them advantages in the battle. If you’re looking for an action-packed battle royale shooter Apex Legends Mobile is arguably the most suitable choice.

However, players who have played BGMI before may have a difficult time adjusting the Apex Legends Mobile mechanics modern weapons, and health system difficult. But after some initial games it is possible to discover Apex Legends Mobile to be much more enjoyable in comparison to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

4) Garena Free Fire MAX

The Garena’s Free Fire MAX is one of the most played shooter games available in India in the present because it has benefited from the large active user database of Free Fire following the latter’s ban. Both games developed by Garena run on the same server and feature similar features, however the MAX version is better in terms of quality of graphics.

The file’s size of 500MB (excluding resources in game) is also what makes Free Fire MAX a decent alternative to BGMI for mid-range and lower-end Android devices. BGMI as well as Free Fire MAX have similar gameplay features in the BR mode, however Free Fire MAX is a different character with distinct capabilities.

The character abilities available the game offers character skills. Free Fire MAX makes it more tactical-focused. Additionally, you can use items such as walls of gloo to provide additional support. The main advantage of using Free Fire MAX is the more rapid matches.

5) FFVII The First Soldier

The Final Fantasy VII: First Soldier is Square Enix’s mobile game that is a reimagining of the world of 1997’s RPG Final Fantasy VII. The game takes place in Midgar which is a fictional city within the world of the original game. The players can also see a number of Easter eggs, and other content that were originally in the game.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will introduce aspects of role-playing in a battle royale. Players will be able to find a variety of modern weaponry and spells they could utilize to gain an advantage in battle. It also features combat with monsters that players can defeat to earn gil and exp. Furthermore, players can summon demons and fight them.

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