Battlegrounds Mobile India: 5 rarest gun skins in BGMI

The early access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is here and the official release of BGMI is just around the corner.

Skins are an essential part of almost every Battle Royale game. They increase the aesthetic appeal of weapons and encourage players to acquire them. Therefore, BGMI players have already started buying skins and outfits from the beta version of the game, as the developers promised to transfer all data at the official launch.

Note: As data migration from older PUBG Mobile accounts to BGMI accounts has already started, this article lists the rarest gun skins of PUBG Mobile.

Gun skins that are rare to find in BGMI

Viper M416 is one of PUBG Mobile‘s earliest M416 weapon skins. Released as a level reward in Season 2 of the Elite Royale Pass.

Only a few players have started polishing the game since Season 2, and there are fewer players purchasing Elite Passes back then.

4) Acolyte of Justice AKM

The AKM Justice Assistant skin was a reward in the Premium Boxes section. PUBG Mobile released the skin in January 2021.

Since opening a premium box costs a lot of UC, not many players bought it.

The Ghillie Dragon AKM Mask is an Upgradeable Legendary mask released in Royale Pass Season 17. It was available in a Lucky Spin event for a limited time as a grand prize.

Players can spin up to ten spins for 540 CUs. Since a single draw does not guarantee a prize, many have avoided spending this in-game currency.

2) Glacier M416

The Glacier M416 is one of the most famous M416 skins that almost every BGMI gamer wants. It was available in the Classic Crate section where players could open boxes with Classic Crate coupons.

It is an updatable mask with a custom “killfeed” and “kill message”. It also shows eye-catching impact effects.

1) Call of the Wild M416

The Call of Wild M416 skin was available during a limited-time Lucky Spin event where players could win by spinning the draw. Each spin is 60 CU and ten spins are 540 CUs.

This upgradeable legendary weapon skin is very rare and only available to a few players.

Disclaimer: The rarity of the skins listed above is based on widespread speculations from the community and reflects the author’s opinion.

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