3 tips to get maximum airdrop loot in PUBG Mobile & BGMI

3 tips to get maximum airdrop loot in PUBG Mobile & BGMI

BGMI has been dubbed an Indian game version of PUBG Mobile and, as such, offers similar features and mechanics that are present in both games. Both are part of the genre of battle royale that is playable via mobile phones. Battle royale is built on four foundations: landing, looting, survival, and killing. This is the reason why the airdrop features to spice things up.

There were once five airdrops during a classic game. But, in recent times the introduction of just two airdrops at one time (in certain matches) has raised the number of airdrops that can be found in one BGMI and PUBG Mobile classic game to six.

Like in a similar fashion to PUBG PC game Mobile games have witnessed players flock into the airdrops to get access to special airdrop weapons that be useful during battles in various stages of matches. This guide will help you get the most amount of airdrop loot available in BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile.

Best tips that BGMI, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite All players can follow to get maximum airdrop loot

1.) Always have a car when you go drop hunting.

Vehicles can be useful while dropping hunting during drop hunting in BGMI or PUBG Mobile. They can be helpful in navigating for airdrops that are dropped from a longer than the distance of drop, but also serve as covers by blowing them up when they are shot by enemies keeping an eye on the drop.


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In addition, players are able to quickly obtain the maximum amount of loot and go home with ease in the event that they bring vehicles with them.

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2) Proper communication

The Squad mode requires an effective communication system at all times in a classic match BGMI or PUBG mobile. Teams that follow the instructions from an IGL and are constantly in communication are seen to be more successful than teams that operate around in circles without having a clear plan.


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When they drop airdrops, participants must be in contact and inform their fellow teammates to protect themselves from snooping enemies.

3) Look for flare guns and make use of them

Flare guns’ introduction brought the classic games of BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile more thrilling. Flare guns are not common and are able to attract the attention of a large number of foes when directed towards the sky.


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However, the loot in flare gun airdrops is almost double that of normal airdrops as it contains two exclusive guns instead of the mundane one found in normal airdrops. Such rich loot can help squads win fights easily.

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