Ajjubhai Free Fire ID, lifetime stats, and other details

The creation of content and streaming has been a viable alternative for many gamers because of the increasing popularity of the game. In addition, due to the huge popularity of Free Fire, there has been an increase on the amount of creators within this game.

If you’re a serious Free Fire fan, then you’ll be familiar with Ajjubhai who is well-known by the channel’s name called ‘Total Gaming. The channel has a huge following, and a lot of gamers look up to his role models. 

This article we will discuss the details of his game. This article will provide all the information players should be aware of Ajjubhai known as Total Gaming in Garena Free Fire because he’s an extremely popular YouTubers of India.

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID

He is Free Fire ID number is 451012596 His IGN is Ajjubhai94..

Ajjubhai’s lifetime stats for Free Fire

In all, Ajjubhai has played in 9302 team games and won on the field in 2414 of them with an average win rate of 25.95 percent. He’s scored 34138kills with a K/D ratio in the range of 4.96 and inflicted 1536 average damages per game.

When it comes to duo mode, he’s been involved in in 1587 games and was victorious during two hundred games, which translates into a win-per-cent of 18.84 percent. The streamer has recorded more than 6200 kills while maintaining the ratio of K/D that is 4.81.

In solo mode, YouTubers have an impressive 880 games on his account and has scored an impressive 76 wins with an overall winning ratio of 8.63 percent. He has amassed 237 kills with the ratio of K/D that is 2.78.

The new ranked season began this morning, he’s yet to play many games in it.

His YouTube channel

Ajjubhai started making content around one and two-and-a-half years in the past. The first video he uploaded to his channel was uploaded in December of 2018. Since then, he’s increased exponentially and has posted an impressive total of 954 videos to his channel on YouTube. He boasts a huge subscriber base of 14.3 millionand has 1.745 billion views.

Click below to go to the channel on YouTube.

Additionally, he has a separate channel called “Total Gaming Live,” in which he streamed and uploads videos about the fast-paced battle royale.

His social media accounts

Ajju Bhai has Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Below are URLs to these accounts.

  • Instagram Go to Here.
  • Facebook Visit Here.
  • Twitter Follow us on Twitter: Here.

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