7 Best BGMI Gun Skins Upgrade Released by Krafton (2022)

7 best upgradable BGMI gun skins released by Krafton so far (2022)

BGMI is developed by Krafton Inc. It possesses various gun skins that elevate the BR gaming experience for players.

Among the various weapon skins available in the game, the upgradable weapon skins have caused the most buzz in the Indian gaming community. Due to its rarity, players spend thousands of UC to get it.

List the best upgradeable gun skins in BGMI

1) Ryomen Sukuna Groza

Ryomen Sukuna Groza is presented at Battlegrounds Mobile India at the Jujutsu Discovery event, which celebrates the game’s collaboration with the popular Japanese manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. The fiery red eyes found in the leather of the gun add to her fearsome look.

2) Rainbow Drake AWM

The Rainbow Drake AWM is the latest upgradeable gun skin to be added to the Lucky Spin section of the game. The skin can be upgraded up to level 7 and has a mechanical appearance.

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3) Snowcapped Berg SKS

The Snowcapped Berg SKS was the first upgradeable pistol skin added to Battlegrounds Mobile India in 2022. Designed to look like the hexagonal crystals found in Mirror World mode, the skin is tarnished with gold, sky, and purple tones.

4) Codebreaker AKM

The Codebreaker AKM pistol skin is among the best assault rifle skins available. The gun can be upgraded up to level 7, and the final model is designed so that the embroidery looks as if it was engraved into the weapon.

5) Glacier M416

The Glacier M416 was one of the first upgradeable weapon skins to be introduced at BGMI. However, even after such a long period, the frenzy of the skin only increased. The Glacier M416 is the only skin available that can be had for free.

6) Glided Jade Dragon DP28

A few months ago, the Glided Jade Dragon DP28 appeared in the game in the game Lucky Spin. Skin is said to be the best in BGMI for LMG. The final shape of the gun, in gold and purple, resembles the tentacles of an octopus.

7) Deadly Precision M762

The Deadly Precision M762 skin is the latest and most beautiful Beryl M762 skin available in the game. The golden and neon colors of the upgradeable gun skin exude royalty. The flowing neon green liquid adds to the grandeur of the skin.

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