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How To Push Rank In PUBG Lite

If you are playing the pubg Lite on your Android and you wish you to play and Conqueror rank push.  So if you are finding rank push tips and tricks on Google Chrome so there are a few examples and tips and tricks of rank push in pubg Lite.

first of all the peoples are there in pubg Lite are 60 peoples in pubg Lite so they are not will be a hard to Conqueror pushing first off when the match was start  you go to the go to their Hiding Place where Enemies  will not be  come and when you land.

fasting for you loot the first aid kit bandages boosters and energy drinks and all the items of healing and second you find the auto gun and highly damaged gun to kill their Enemies who will come to kill you after looting.

you sit there  where you land  and if the safe zone will come you will go from there because the safe zone  damages you and you will be killed from the zone and your rank will not be pushed.

Duo Rank Push Tips

if you are a playing duo with your friend for rank, push in any season first of all you go to the Hiding Place from other anime you do not land with your enemies if your land with your enemy you will be killed,

and your rank will be minus go to the before the enemy and go to the first loot where you land is the big places or due to both loot the best things and all the following items and the guns

so when you are both find the loot and healing items where  you land If this has on will come you will go from there and after going from there, you will go to other place where Enemies will be not  watch you.

This place will be sit and sitting there after will save some will come you both go from there and go to the next place if the boot will come you kill them to plus you rank points. where you will go hold this house and camp this house.

Grenades And Smokes

if your rank pushing I am recommending You to carry the grenades  and smokes how to carry that if you carry smoke their help you to cross the open area to the zone and other house and the grenades 

we’ll help you If your enemy rushing  you to on the building You cook a grenade and Throw  grenade on the stairs of the building and if you are not have a grenade you have a molotov   through the on the stairs of building.

If you play this action your enemy will not come . to kill you and you will win this match and get points of this match. if you are on a high level you enemy will come pro if your rank is low the enemy will come noob.

                         Written by,M.Rehan.Naz:

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