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PUBG Guns Damage

There are many best AR rifles in player unknown Battleground pubg that deal high damage..  So there are the best guns in the world of the games.

There are many best guns and the damage of their guns is best in pubg mobile.  And few

examples of these guns are

  • M762,
  • M416,
  • Sacral.AKM

is the best AR rifle in pubg mobile this gun have more damage from other guns many peoples and players of pubg mobile also picked this guns because this is the higher damage Over The Other guns.

Second gun in pubg mobile have higher damage from other guns m762 barrel barrel is the favorite gun of the player of pubg mobile and the people so this gun or available in the all maps in the pubg mobile and you get this gun easily in whole  map.

In the close range is the best gun in pubg mobile is UZI for this is the higher damage from the previous both guns and this gun is very good in close range because UZI is very high damage.  If you are in close and your enemy is your close so you can easily down the enemy if your enemy has another gun and you have a UZI.

Letter the second gun in the close range category is vector  This gun is very high damage.  This damage has the same damage as the UZI. This gun is very good.  But this gun reloaded 20 bullets when you used it.  you need the extended Mag for this gun  Because if you have extended make you reloaded 30 bullets in this gun and you easily down in front of your enemy.

PUBG Guns M416.

The M416 gun is the very best AR rifle assault rifle in pubg mobile this gun have very high damage from previous, Two m762 And A K M gun And also people loved this too much this is little bit to find these gun in the arengle map and the all map in pubg mobile.  So if you get this gun, maybe

I am sure you will win this match, if you are skilled.  I am sure you will win this match because you have a M416 gun.Also the M416 gun and have best skin like an M416 Glacier and M416 fool you  also get these skins in pubg mobile and look so handsome and pretty from others.

Best Guns In PUBG Mobile

There are many best guns in pubg mobile in their guns like

  • M416
  • a k m.
  • M762
  • ump45
  • UZI
  • vector

and also the other guns are the best in the pubg mobile in this  sniper section.  You get the best snipers in pubg mobile like

  • AWM
  • kar98K
  • m24

but the a w m is the very famous and very high damage in pubg mobile and this is the very best Sniper in pubg mobile. best guns in pubg mobile you get in the air drops  and flare  drops.

these all guns best in pubg mobile like m249 machine gun,mk14, AUG, Goroza and also the awm but you get all these guns in air drops and flare drop.  Also the a w m you find in the airdrop and flare drops too so if you think

the a w m is found in all the map, no, you are wrong you also only get in the drops.If you get all the equipment of all gun, these guns are become very good guns in pubg mobile.

Pubg Guns Toys.

when pubg  releases in the world the company’s  cost from the pub ji mobile and made the toys for the children’s Because  children were not playing games.  This is the reason companies made the toy for the children to get the feel off pubg and not harmful for the kids.

                         Written by, M.Rhan.Naz:

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