Best sensitivity for pubg mobile no recoil without gyroscope 2 finger emulator for android 2022

Best Sensitivity For Pubg Mobile no recoil

Sensitivity is most important and very important for pubg and the pubg lite because the sensitivity, if you are spraying on the car and the enemy so your gun will go to the up-down, left, right this set with sensitivity in the setting . sensitivity is very important for pubg mobile

There are many best settings for the sensitivity on the Internet, many big YouTubers, and the YouTubers make the video on the best sensitivity of pubg mobile, but they tell you about their sensitivity, but if you’re sensitive, you should make your own sensitivity but how?

How You Can Make Your Own Sensitivity In Pubg?

How you can make your own Sensitivity in pubg first go to the selection mode and select the training mode in pubg mobile after selecting mode go to  training mode and pickup the guns.

example m416 and the pick the all  grips and all attachments and pick the scope you love  and the scope will work very good from U example 4x scope.

after picking scope make a target on the training mode after making a target you spray on the target.  If your gun is going up  go to the setting and then go to the sensitivity of the setting after going sensitivity change your 4x scope sensitivity, high and low  in sensitivity setting of

4x scope after sensitivity setting spray on the target if your gun will not going up so this is the best sensitivity of the 4x scope with M4  16. You can change other guns’ sensitivity by applying this.

                       Written by,M.Rehan.Naz:

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