BGMI 1.9 updates expected release date & time for Android devices

It has only been eight months since BGMI was released for Indian players. However, in such a short time, the game has emerged as one of the pioneering games descending from the Battle Royale genre.

With an ever-growing player base, the developers of the game, Krafton Inc. Update at periodic intervals to elevate the gaming experience of players.

As these updates bring new features, modes, events, items, and more, the madness about releasing updates is huge. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s upcoming 1.9 update is in beta where testers are testing the game to find any potential bugs that can be fixed before the official release.

However, Krafton has not made any official announcement regarding when the next major update will be released.

BGMI players and fans expect the upcoming 1.9 updates to be released?

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Since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India in July 2021, it has been observed that major updates are released every eight weeks. Since the game is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, it is following its global counterpart in terms of updates as well.

The last major update 1.8 was released in January and it was a huge success. The update saw the introduction of new modes and events that celebrate the game’s collaboration with Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise and the popular Japanese manga series Jujutsu Kaisen.

Every major BGMI update introduces a new season. The course system in the game saw an eight-week season. Updates generally appear after the monthly Royale Pass, which ends the season, expires.

With the current C2S4 Month 8 Royale Pass schedule slated to run until March 17th, update 1.9 is expected to be released on March 18th or March 19th at 5:30 AM EST on Android devices.

Several YouTubers who usually give leaks about upcoming updates suggested that the following features be added in Update 1.9 in BGMI. Here’s a look at what features are expected to be added.

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