BGMI 2.1 update APK file Download link for Android devices

The BGMI 2.1 update is now available for Android devices! This new update includes bug fixes and optimizations to improve your gaming experience. Download the BGMI 2.1 APK file now and start playing today!

The BGMI updates create an enormous stir in gamers. Fans and players eagerly await to receive the latest features and anticipate any changes made to the battle royale experience.

The end of the 2.0 update has opened the way for the launch of the massive 2.1 update. The latest version has brought many new features as well as The Ancient Secret: Arise mode has already been the most talked about mode in the first few hours of its launch.

APK details for BGMI’s latest 2.1 update and the method to download it.

Krafton has released the 2.1 update to the game on Tuesday. The update was released on the 30th of November following the release beta version (released only for players).

The latest update was rolled out at 6:45 midnight at IST yesterday. Users can get APK files from the APK file and enjoy the most recent Version of the game.

APK Download BGMI 2.1 APK from here:

2.1 version APK File size 556.57 MB

Android gamers with devices running at minimum 4.4.1 Android version and 2 GB RAM are able to follow the guide to download and enjoy the new 2.1 update.

Here’s a look at steps for downloading the Apk.

  • Gamers are required to go their official web site for Battlegrounds Mobile India and search for the APK file.
  • The user is then required to click the Install button. This will start the download process.
  • After the successful complete installation After installation, users must open the game with the latest version and grant the storage and microphone permissions.
  • Then, users have to sign into BGMI 2.1 by using the account they have on Twitter, Google Play, or Facebook account.

Android users can also go towards the Google Play Store and download the game there. The size of the updated game available in the Play Store varies between 293 MB and 353 MB on various devices.

A list of exciting new features to the 2.1 update

The latest 2.1 upgrade is the fourth update the game been receiving in the year 2023. The addition of new modes, weapons items, cosmetics and items makes the update a huge popular among players in the Indian community.

Here’s a brief overview of the noteworthy features that are included with the update of July:

  1. The Ancient Secret of Arise Mode New Lobby, Jackal and Scarab Ruins Emperor Temple, and SandStorm City
  2. Control buttons and UI have been updated.
  3. New mini-maps and changes to the map
  4. New gun – Lynx AMR
  5. Tactical Backpack
  6. Remodelled Cheer Park with changing timezones (day dusk, dusk, as well as night), Gaming Center, and Shopping Center
  7. Major bug fix
  8. Shotgun attachment – Quick Loader
  9. Change in the damage statistics of weapons
  10. New feature: Getting struck by vehicle explosions
  11. Month 13 Royale Pass
  12. Cycle 3 Season 7
  13. Secret Cave in Livik
  14. New health services for the future
  15. Sound Training mode

With an array of features that were introduced in the latest 2.1 version, the excitement about the game is huge. A lot of veteran players of BGMI are already returning to experience the excitement of this game’s themed Ancient Secret mode once again.

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