BGMI 2.1 update: Expected release date, new features, & more

The highly acclaimed battle royale title BGMI is celebrating its first year since its launch. In the past year it has already surpassed 100 million downloads. This makes it among the most loved games on India. Indian marketplace for gaming.

To improve the gameplay experience The developers update their games from time to time. The updates include new gameplay modes mechanics, accessories, features, cosmetics and much more.

With the current 2.0 update drawing to an end and this 2.1 update is expected to be released in the coming days. But, Krafton will not reveal an official release time for July’s update.

Information about the date of release of BGMI’s upcoming 2.1 update

Every update to Battlegrounds Mobile India usually arrives about 60 days after the last update. However there have been instances that updates have appeared prior to the deadline.

The upcoming 2.1 update scheduled for July is scheduled as the 4th major upgrade to be released in 2023. After the success of previous three updates, the next update will be aiming to meet the expectations of gamers across the nation.

It is expected that the 2.1 update is scheduled to launch in the Google Play Store (for Android users) as well as the Apple Store (for iOS users) between 13 between the 13th and 16th of July. Since that the PUBG Mobile update is expected to be available on the 13th of July The most likely time for the update’s launch in BGMI is the 15th of July.

Krafton announced the most recent 2.0 update just a few days prior to the end of the current RP. In the meantime, the M12 ToyWorld-themed Royale Pass is set to end on July 18 which will result in the agreed date.

BGMI players should inform their friends in-game that they are updating their games after it is released. 2.1 update is made available. If they don’t, they’ll face problems when playing in tandem as the game title prohibits players with different versions from joining forces.

Additionally, following the format of the past few updates, the brand new Cycle 3 Season 7 will also be included alongside month 13’s RP when it comes out in the update scheduled for 19 July.

The leaked feature leaks suggest that BGMI players could be able to see in the coming Month 13 RP

A number of YouTubers are beta testers for the game . They can leak information about the upcoming features.

According to leaks, the July update will commemorate The First Anniversary theme and will also allow players to trip down memory lane using The Ancient Temple mode.

Here’s a look at diverse features scheduled to be added to the coming 2.1 update of BGMI:

  1. Brand new guns: Lynx AC VAL and AC Val
  2. Redesigned control buttons and UI
  3. New mini-map updates
  4. Ancient Temple mode 2.0
  5. Tactical Backpack
  6. Revamped Cheer Park Cheer Park has been updated with a brand new Gaming Center and Shopping Center with a Shopping Center
  7. Major bug fix
  8. Shotgun attachment – Quick Loader
  9. Throwable – Blue Zone grenade
  10. Month 13 Royale Pass
  11. First Anniversary celebration
  12. Cycle 3 Season 7
  13. Secret Cave in Livik
  14. New health insurance providers

In the wake of so many enhancements anticipated to be added to the forthcoming update The entire community is eagerly awaiting Krafton release this update in the earliest time it is possible. Many of the veteran players who played in the Ancient Temple mode are also likely to be able to play again.

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