BGMI 2.3 Update Download Apk+OBB (Highly Compressed)

Today, BGMI 2.3 Update Download Apk and OBB Highly Compressed is now available for Android. I’ll walk you through the steps of updating to the BGMI 2.3 version and then downloading through this article.

If you encounter any issues with upgrading up to the latest Version 2.3 of Battlegrounds Mobile India from the Play Store Then you’ll need install the BGMI 2.3 Apk File and the OBB file to bring your game to the latest version.

About BGMI 2.3 Update

It is expected to be that BGMI 2.3 Update will be launched in December 2023. According to some experts, the game could soon be back on the Play Store and iOS Store. While it is well-known that BGMI was declared illegal in India by India’s government India however, this isn’t a secret to anyone.

The developer hasn’t given a date for when the Battleground Mobile India 2.3 Version 2.3 is due to be released, however the next version that comes with Battleground Mobile India could feature an addition to a amount of new content. It is believed that it will launch in India for those who are using iOS and Android possibly prior to the celebration on Christmas Day.

Following the suspension of PUBG Mobile, which was announced on the 2nd of September in 2020 Krafton launched Battleground Mobile India on July 2 and 18 2021, for Android and iPadOS and iOS. The game was pulled from both the Play Store and the iOS Store on July 28, 2023 according to the directive from the Government of India.

Features & Leaks of BGMI 2.3 Update Version Apk

Following the 2.1 Update After the 2.1 Update, the BGMI 2.3 updated is set to be made available through Krafton India for all users of the Apple Playstore and the Google Playstore. The update will feature an updated Ancient Secret Arise Map, new weapons, and some intense combat within Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok.

Enjoy battles like you’ve never experienced before! It will be making its long-awaited return in this update, which is the conclusion of the beta phase. This PUBG 2.3.0 update will introduce an enormous amount of brand new features to the game with a variety of new modes and features.

Below are a few previews from the Patch Notes that were officially made public by BGMI. They include the following games, events, maps and modes, weapons rewards and outfits:

Free Rewards

  • 3000 BP (Battle Points) (Battle Points)
  • 100 AG (Ace Gold) (Ace Gold)
  • Magical Headdress of the Night (3h)
  • Maps of the mode centered on soccer: Elrangel Nusa, Livik
  • Golden Shoes, the brand-new tactical item
  • Football, the Latest Throwable Object
  • Introducing the New Football Carnival Themed Area:
  • The mine-pit area in Erangel is being upgraded and a new area inspired by a football carnival is now available.
  • The introduction of a new metropolis designed to resemble the Middle East that is brimming with distinctive items based on this region.

Football Themed Mode

  • Users can play with one another and earn money by playing Football Carnival mode, which includes a treasure chest as well as an timer.
  • For a short period of time launches based on this year’s Football Carnival will be available.
  • It is the Respawn Card which is able to be seen spawning in the region, allows players who have passed away to come back to the game.
  • Football Air Raids and Air Drops
  • Spawn Island with a Football theme. Cover featuring a football-themed

BGMI 2.3 Update Offical Download Apk + OBB

The official information about whether or not the game will be played again to players who play video games in India is not published as of yet. In the meantime, the Government of India has banned this game for violations of IT rules. The Battleground Mobile India 2.3 Update Download APK File will be made available through the official site of Battleground Mobile India if it is allowed to be.

It is expected that the Government of India (GOI) will give approval to Battleground Mobile India to be released in India provided that the game’s developers and publisher are constitutionally bound by all the regulations and restrictions enforced on them by GOI. Game streamers say that, if they are allowed to play after the ban has been lifted the Battleground Mobile India 2.3 update will be rolled out with an array of new features to enhance the game’s gameplay.

BGMI 2.3 Update Related Date and Download

Battleground Mobile India’s publisher and creator, Krafton, has not yet issued an official statement concerning when the BGMI 2.3 Update release date. Following it was banned in the BGMI Ban, there were millions of players playing the game as of the month of December 2023. Every single one of them in India are watching closely the release date for Battleground Mobile India 2.3.

The release date for the Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.3 Update hasn’t been announced by Krafton. Users will need to wait for several weeks before they are able to download this BGMI 2.3 update. In the event that the restriction for Battleground Mobile India is lifted by the Government of India, then an update to the game will be released, probably within the final week of the month of December 2023. The information is sourced from a handful of credible sources.

If the publishers and developers of Battleground Mobile India demonstrate that they can adhere to the latest rules on information technology in India as well, the Indian government is likely to review its choice to ban the game. When this ban BGMI will be lifted as the game is available on the Play Store and the iOS Store We will give an easy download button below for downloading this version of BGMI 2.3 Update, which is available for the Android as well as iOS devices. The link will be made available when this ban has been lifted.

How To Download BGMI 2.3 Update Apk OBB For Android

I’ll now guide you through the process of downloading or updating the BGMI 2.3 version.

  1. The first thing to do is to click the link below for the BattleGrounds Mobile India Apk file.
  2. Step 2: Step 2: Navigate through Step 2: Go to the Settings menu, select Security and Privacy Select the option to allow installation from unknown sources. (You can choose to bypass this step if you have already made the needed changes.)
  3. Installation of this BGMI version 2.3 application as an additional step.
  4. Step 4: Once the installation is completed Copy the OBB file and insert it in Android > the obb folder > com.pubg.imobile. Find for the name in the OBB document (Obb File Name to be announced soon)
  5. 4. The 4th step has been completed which means you are now able to enjoy Battlegrounds Mobile India. In brief bgmi 2.3 Version.

You can also download BGMI 2.3 Update OBB Apk from Apkpure, TapTap and Uptodown.

How To Update BattleGrounds Mobile India Apk 2.3 From Play Store

It is also possible to update your version to 2.3 of BGMI through the Play Store. I’ll explain to you the complete procedure to update in the latest version 2.3 of BGMI through in the Play Store.

  1. The first thing to do is go on the Playstore and look up Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  2. The next step is to select the game and then click on the icon that says “Update.”
  3. 3: The process has begun Please wait for the download to finish.
  4. Step 4: After the process is complete you can launch Your BGMI 2.3 Version and have fun playing with it!

Requirements And Additional Information

Name BGMI 2.3 Update
Size 753MB
Developer Krafton
Platfrom Android
Genre Shooter
Android 5.1
Version 2.3
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BattleGrounds Mobile India 2.3 Update Apk OBB Download

The mobile gaming industry is booming all over the world. India is one of the top countries in this field. The latest update to the game Battlegrounds Mobile India promises to make it even better. The new version 2.3 update includes many new features and improvements. Players can now download the apk and obb files from the official website. This will surely make the game more popular among the mobile gaming community in India.

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