BGMI ban in India: Timeline, latest developments, and more

The history of BGMI was changed on July 28, when the game was taken from the Google Play Store in India and the Apple App Store India. Following the guidelines of Section 69A, The Information Technology Act 2000, the government restricted the game.

Krafton and officials from the Indian government have made comments about the potential ban on the game over the past week.

Fans should keep up-to-date with recent developments surrounding BGMI’s ban

Fans in the Indian gaming industry were abuzz about the sudden removal of BGMI. A senior MEITY official spoke out to News 18 to explain how many agencies had analyzed the game and sent the report to India.

According to reports, Google and Apple were ordered by the government to remove the game from their virtual shops.

Officials stated that Battlegrounds Mobile India contained dangerous code and needed several critical permissions in order to run on a user’s device. These codes could be used to tamper user data and for surveillance via microphones and cameras, location tracking and malicious network activity.

He also mentioned that BGMI was detrimental for India’s sovereignty and that the government took the necessary steps when it received the feedback.

The topic of rebranding was also brought up by a senior official. He pointed out that many Chinese apps had been rebranded in India and were “old wine in new bottles”. These apps did not create servers in India, however.

Officials claimed that BGMI was a rehashed version the already banned PUBG mobile.

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Shiva Nandy (CEO and Founder of Skyesports) shared his insights on the process leading up to the game’s abolition. It was a five-month long process, he said. Krafton HQ received an interim notice a week before the game was canceled. Skyesports placed a halt to the upcoming BGMI Tournaments due to the fact that the government had hinted at a ban two days prior.

He clarified, however, that the delisting was not an order of exclusion but an interim order.

Krafton Official Statement

Krafton is tirelessly working to make the BR game available to Indian gamers. Due to the Indian government’s decision, the South Korean company, which is known for its great games, suffered huge losses on the stock market.

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Sean Hyunil Sohn (CEO Krafton India) recently issued a statement expressing concern about the company’s efforts to promote esports in India.

Krafton stated that he has always been concerned about the privacy and security of users’ data. Krafton stated that the company had complied with all Indian data protection laws and regulations and will continue to do so in the future.

He thanked Indian gamers for their support and said that Krafton would be happy to participate in India’s gaming community. Sohn mentioned that Krafton was trying tirelessly to get in touch with the authorities concerned and resolve the matter concerning the game’s eviction.

Sohn asked that players be patient and said that the company would keep them informed about any further developments. It is still to be seen when this crowd favorite game will make its way back to the App Store and Google Play Store. The players are hopeful and eager to see the outcome.

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