BGMI gun skins as rare as M416 Glacier in 2024

M416 Glacier Battleground Mobile is one of the most wanted gun skins in India. Its most attractive feature is the damaging effect of the leather of the gun. Players can get skin from classic chests. However, the shape of the weapon became a legendary item, which reduced the player’s chances of obtaining it.

The developers have also released a lot of other rare variants like the M416 Glacier. This article discusses five rare weapon skins for BGMI players in 2024.

Rare BGMI rifle skins like the M416 Glacier 2024

Do you know what is the most valuable thing in Battleground India? This is the BGMI M416 ice skin, which you can get for free from BGMI Classic Crate. Killing effect, removal broadcast, strike effect, finish, advanced form and loot chest are some of the distinguishing features of the M416 Glacier.

After level 1, you can unlock all Glacier skin features. However, you will need some paint and supplies from elsewhere to improve the BGMI M416 Ice Leather.

M416 Glacier

Obviously, the M416 ice skin will also be added to this list. This is one of the most popular weapons in Battleground Mobile India. You July have noticed that many content creators are trying to get this look even though they have to spend a huge amount of UC. Being expensive makes it one of the rarest M416 skins in BGMI.

BGMI gun skins as rare as M416 Glacier in 2022
BGMI gun skins as rare as M416 Glacier in 2024

Several skins are available for the M416 during special pub events. The user can then unlock the M416 skin from the spin and box by simply pushing the UC. Additionally, some M416 surfaces can be upgraded.

  • M416 Dolls.
  • Rorar, Lizard
  • Glacier M416
  • M416 WANDERED, among others.

Level up the M416 Glacier to 7. Over 50,000°C is required to raise the maximum limit for the M416 Glacier. If you move the M416 Glacier to 7, you will kill an opponent and create a special treasure chest. The design of the Glacier Treasure Box is much better than other upgradeable weapons in pubg mobile. Other upgradeable weapons can also give you kill effects, elimination broadcasts, and finals.

At BGMI, there are a variety of lucky draws including Classic Crate, Premium Crate, Supply Crate, Luck Crate and Spin. On the other hand, the M416 glacier can only be found inside the “classic crater”.

If you are lucky, you July be able to achieve legendary and legendary things on the first try.

However, even if you spend UC, you July unfortunately not receive the item you need. So you know the BGMI M416 Ice Leather is a known item that has a 2.33 percent chance of showing up in a premium box.

2. Terror Fang Kar98K

The Terror Fang Kar98K is one of BGMI’s best Kar98K weapon skins. The skin was released during Crafton’s collaboration with the Godzilla movie. Its finished look, with a glowing red tint, looks fringe yet elegant. In addition, a small Godzilla stands on a set of weapon skins.

3. M416 Fool

The only weapon skin in Battlegrounds Mobile India with personality. This skin was available in Lucky Crate of PUBG Mobile along with the flower set. Since the flower array was a legendary item, there were very few players who were able to obtain the M416 flower skin. The final appearance of the weapon is unusual which makes it attractive skin.

PUBG Mobile is bringing chests to players for a limited time to celebrate Fools’ Day. This event will only run until July 30, 2020. PUBG Mobile players can get the cool and awesome M416 skin called The Fool from this chest. Additionally, you can upgrade The Fool’s Skin in the Lab to get the extra death effect.

There are seven levels to upgrade to this special skin, including Basic, Kill Effect, Upgraded, Kill Message, Ultimate, Fool Surprise and Loot Crate. To upgrade The Fool Skin, you need to collect materials and paint. You need different numbers of paints and materials to upgrade the skin to different levels.

4. M416 Call of the Wild

Like the M416’s Glacier and Flower skin, Call of the Wild is an upgradeable weapon skin. This weapon skin was fired in a limited lucky spin time. Even after spending a huge UC, there were some lucky players who were able to get this weapon skin.

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game that is known for its serious and complex gameplay. As a game, PUBG Mobile still provides entertainment in the form of cosmetics such as weapon skins. This time we will provide information about summoning M416 wild skin which is already in pubg mobile and you can get it now.

Weapons are an important item that players must equip in battle royale games like PUBG Mobile. In this game, you will find weapons with descriptions and specifications adapted to the original military weapons. Therefore, each weapon in this game has different stats and uses.

Choosing a good weapon should be determined by the style of the game and the role you want to play in the game. In addition, mastery of weapons means that players must understand how to use weapons in certain situations. This is the advantage of PUBG Mobile compared to other Battle Royale games.

M416 Fiber

The M416’s Viper skin is one of the oldest skins that was available in PUBG Mobile Season 2. It was introduced in the Elite Royale Pass Season 2. As there were few players who played the game during that time and owned the Elite Pass, there were Quite the number of players who owned the skin.

Viper M416 is one of the oldest variants of M416 pistols in PUBG Mobile. Released as a bonus tiered Elite Royale Pass Season 2.

From the second season onwards, only a few players started grinding the game, and there are very few who purchased an Elite Pass at that time.



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