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BGMI M13 ROYAL PASS DATE, leaks, rewards, and RP from 1 to 50 bonus. Today, I will talk about PUBG and BGMI M13 Royal Pass leaks, release dates, bonuses and more. As you know BGMI and PUBG Mobile update Royal Pass every month. Now, BGMI M13 Royal Pass will be released next week on June 19.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI Royal pass M13 Royal pass (Month 13)
M13 Royal pass release date 19th June
BGMI M9 End Date 19th June at 5:30 AM
BGMI M13 Ryal Pass Price 360 UC

M13 Royal Pass Date is June 19 at 7:30 am in BGMI and PUBG. M13 Royal Pass will start at 7:30 am after two hours from the end of BGMI M9 Royal Pass on June 19 at 5:30 am.

So, be ready at 7:30 am to enjoy BGMI M13 Royal Pass. PUBG M13 will also be released soon.

Here you get information about the date of the BGMI ROYAL PASS M13 version, leaks, and bonuses from 1 RP to 50 RP.

BGMI M13 Royal pass details

In the coming days, BGMI will reach the next Royal Pass, which is Royal Pass 13. BGMI M13 Royal Pass currently not available to players. However, there are many leaks in the system for players. You will learn about all the rewards and things coming in the game here.

It will be released after updating BGMI 2.0 APK. Download BGMI and PUBG 2.0 APK from here.

Therefore, let’s learn more about the W13 Royal Pass bonuses and leaks. Every month, Krafton surprises us with something new with Royal Pass. Players will be able to try a variety of awards as part of the new Royal Pass.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass, according to leaks, will also include new good things for players. CEARGEAR will be offered to 5RP as usual. There was a lot of debate about a new plane skin.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Leaks

Below BGMI M13 bonuses, leaks will appear in the following month of BGMI ROYAL PASS that will be released in June.

  1. M762 Mythic Gun Skin
  2. Mythic Outfit 
  3. Legendary Helmet
  4. Cheerleader Emote (Free) 
  5. Legendary Ornament 
  6. Legendary Parachute (Free) 
  7. Legendary Grenade Skin 
  8. Legendary School Outfit (Free) 
  9. Room Card 
  10. Legendary UAZ 
  11. Epic Emote 
  12. Epic QBZ (Free) 
  13. Legendary Scar-L 
  14. Mythic Outfit

BGMI Royal Pass M13 Release Date

BGMI M13 Royal Pass will be much better than M13 Royal Pass. BGMI players will like. M13 Royal Pass as the legendary outfit is much better than the previous in M11 Royal Pass.

The date of the BGMI M13 Royal Pass version is June 19 on the same day that M11 Royal Pass will end.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass will be released on June 19, 2023, at 7:30 am.

BGMI M13 1RP to 50 RP Leaks and Rewards Video

Price of BGMI M13 Royal Pass Price

As you know, like the Easy season in BGMI, to buy Royal Elite Pass 360 UC, while to buy Royal Pass Elite as you need 960 UC. The following season’s theme is based on food products, according to PUBG News and Leaks.

Today, in this article, I explained the date of the BGMI M13 Royal Pass version, rewards, and leaks with rewards. Finally, the Royal Passwill leak of the month of BGMI 13 with the date of release.

Therefore, we shared all the information about the date of the BGMI M13 Royal Pass, Leaks and BGMI and cooperation in the squid game.

So, this is everything about BGMI M13 1 to 50 RP leakage. Including BGMI M13 Royal Pass Leaks, version dates, rewards, and all. We will update this information when we receive any updates about BGMI M13.

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