Can BGMI players still purchase Royale Pass after ban in India?

The battle royale game that is so popular BGMI was taken off and both Google Play Store and Apple App Store on July 28. The Indian government required the storefronts to remove BGMI due to the belief that personal data of users was being compromised.

It was then followed by stoppage for UC purchases. However, the servers in-game remain operational. This has raised doubts among players who want to know if they can buy Royale Pass after the ban.

The brand new Month 14 Royale Pass can be bought in BGMI by storing UC

The Month 13 Royale Pass concluded on August 18th, and it was announced that the Month 14 RP was released to BGMI at 7:15 am IST on the 19th of August. However, those who had enough UC remaining in their accounts in order to buy the Royale Pass could not purchase it.

Many believed that this was an error, some believed that the issue was because of restrictions on UC purchases made through Codashop and the store in the game.

But, to the delight of players to the delight of gamers, the Royale Pass was made available for purchase around 5:30pm IST on the 22nd of August. Many gamers immediately bought the Royale Pass and completed the weekly challenges to receive special rewards.

BGMI Month 14 Royale Pass information and rewards

The current Month 14 Royale Pass is available in two variations. The base Elite Pass variant is available for 360 UC The more upgraded Elite Pass Plus variant can be purchased for an additional 960 USD. For those who had purchased Month 13 Royale Pass Month 13 Royale Pass can benefit from a 60-UC discount coupon when purchasing the new month 14 RP.

The format is similar to previous Royale Passes brand new Month 13 Royale Pass has provided a wide range of benefits that users can earn when they complete daily and weekly tasks.

The latest Nights of the Fables RP includes two tabs- both paid and free. The first lets players play with just a handful of items. But, the latter comes with numerous new gun skins, new cosmetics as well as other items.

This is a look at different ranked rewards that are part of the new BGMI 14 RRP:

  • RP Rank 1: Emerald Leaf PP-Bizon and an Oasis Idol Set
  • RP Rank 5: Oasis Idol Cover
  • 10. RP Rank 10: Gilded Flower backpack
  • RP 15: RP Avatar (M14) The Gemstone Ring Ornament as well as Street Dance Emote (available in the free RP section)
  • The RP Rank 20 is The Perfume Bottle Stun Grenade, and the Enchanted Wish Parachute (included in the RP section for free)
  • RPG Rank 23: Nightfarer’s Glasses (included in the free RP section)
  • The RP Level 25: Nightfarer Set (included in the RP tab for free)
  • RP Rank 30: Imperial Gold Speedboat Finish and a Royal Aurum Emote
  • 35 RP rank: Blazing Rose S1897 (included in the tab for free RP)
  • RP Rank 40: Gold Feather MK47
  • RP Rank 45: Royal Aurum mask
  • RP Rank 50: Royal Aurum Set and a Royal Aurum Cover

Many players from BGMI have already bought the latest M14 RP and many more are expected buy it in the coming days.

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