BGMI/PUBG 1.9 No Recoil Config file (32bit & 64 bit) Fully Anti-ban

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Download No Recoil Config File BGMI 1.9 32bit 64bit 2022
Best Config File for BGMI 1.9 No Recoil Config Update 32Bit 100% Anti-ban file that works when downloading BGMI 1.9 No Recoil Config Update and also works in Pubg.

BGMI 1.9 does not recoil 32-bit and 64-bit Config file

If you are looking for PUBG / Bgmi 1.9 No Recoil, White Body Config file, you can download it here for free. We have updated March 2022 Global and Bgmi release file as well.

The file allows you to increase the overall shooting accuracy of every weapon in the game including AKM, SKS, M416 and AWM. Sometimes equipping your weapon of choice may not give you the accuracy you want. This can be due to device lag or heat, the vagaries of the developer, or you are having a bad day.

Bgmi 1.9 No recoil information

Hi I will share with you BGMI 1.9 no echo 32 bit only work in BGMI 1.9 fully updated no echo config file everything is ok all android device what is the problem just root android mobile this bgmi and pubg 1.9 work no recoil You can easily download it with just one click and use for all BGMI lovers everything is fine and easy to apply.

If there is no other recoil Config file or the application is logging in, BGMI 1.9 will only download the no recoil config file. You can also download Pubg and BGMI for Season 1.9. So you can get more features in this Config file.

In addition, they can download and use any recoil file app for Bgmi ban 1.9 only because we provide anti ban login or pubg mobile India 1.9 without any ban on their mobile as there are no White Body Config config files. This Config file is only one file that is 100% working and anti-blocking.

What are the advantages of using the Bgmi 1.9 No recoil Config file?

There are many advantages of using bgmi 1.9 config file without recoil, you can easily detect enemy, you can easily detect anyone, there are no recoils in your target, you can have auto headshot feature to enable, 80% increase in accuracy, etc.

This config file has been fully updated and is a premium version which is provided for free and there you may find a no recoil config file.

BGMI 1.9 NO RECOIL Config FILE DOWNLOAD 2022.1 Update

It’s not legal to customize or change game files, but also doing things that might put your gaming account at risk is a bad idea because you’re putting yourself at risk. You can be permanently banned. You should use this no-echo Config file at your own risk if you wish to use it next. BGMI 1.9 Update Version has been officially released on Play Store and App Store, so download from it first.


Pubg Mobile India – GLOBAL No recoil Config File Download Full Antiban 32-bit and 64-bit Both bit versions are supported as a device. This file helps you to kill PUBG Enemy easily and also helps to increase your aim. You can download this pubg mobile no recoil config file and pubg mobile no recoil pass config file download is the latest version you can check and you can download pubg 1.9 APK very easily for free.

Bgmi 1.9 No Recoil File: Features

  • do not recoil
  • shake less
  • less smoke
  • remove the grass
  • Defog
  • rain removal
  • TDM + classic action
  • Cheat removal (don’t use anything external)
  • Bypass the new Anticheats
  • TDM Troubleshooting


  • Step 1: First, you need to download the No recoil Config file here.
  • Step 2: Once the file has been downloaded, you will need to extract it.
  • Step 3: Make sure the BGMI app is closed and not running in the background.
  • Step 4: Next, you have to put the files into their own folders.
  • Step 5: Now you have to paste the files into the following folders as if they were downloaded. Go to File Manager, then go to Android > Config -> com. Buggy. imobile Paste or replace the file here.
  • Step 6: Now you need to launch the BGMI app and you will be able to see the No recoil option in the graphics settings for BGMI 1.9.

Bgmi 1.9 White Body Config file

I hope you understand the process of how to use BGMI / Pubg 1.9 White Body, No Recoil Files 2022. These files help to easily detect enemy BGMI. This means that the white body will easily find and kill any enemy and there is no recoil which makes any weapon not recoil when you shoot it, thus making your gaming experience better. If you use these cookies, having chicken dinner will be a lot easier for you.

If the specified file is not working or if the link is expired, we will update it when we create a new one. So, you can bookmark this site or visit again later to download a valid copy of Pubg and BGMI 1.9 White Body File Download.

BGMI and Pubg are getting stricter every day. They also blocked the creation of more than a million accounts. We do not recommend using this White Body file directly on your main account as it may be detected by Krafton Security and then your account could be banned permanently or temporarily.

This is about BGMI 1.9 White Body Composition Profile. Remember to share it with friends who also love to play BGMI.

Bgmi 1.9 No grass Config file

BGMI 1.9 updates any herbal Config file that is now ready for use. This is the latest version of the Config file and it has been updated so that you will not find any problem or delay. This No Grass file makes you feel exciting and fun to play. But this is not the right way to play any game because the rest of the real players get upset about this and their rank drops/fd.

Download BGMI/PUBG 1.9 No Recoil config file 32 bit and 64 bit, all Android device working easily download just one click mediafire link

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