BGMI Removed From Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Updating: BGMI removed from the iOS App Store

After the deletion from Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) from the Play Store on July 28th the game was originally accessible in the iOS App Store when AFK Gaming was looking it up at 7.30 pm (IST). However, over an hour and a half time later, BGMI has been removed from the iOS App store as well. Interestingly, Krafton’s other mobile Battle Royale game, NEW STATE Mobile is still available to download.

The most well-known smartphone game available currently available in India, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was deleted from Google Play Store for India. The reasons behind the removal aren’t known currently. Krafton’s mobile Battle Royale title, NEW STATE Mobile is available to download for Android devices.

As of the time at the time of writing at the time of writing, the game was accessible on Apple Devices in the iOS App Store.

BGMI was unexpectedly was removed Google Play Store

Many BGMI players across the nation will be in for a shock when they discover that BGMI has been unexpectedly removed of Google’s Play Store. Google Play Store. In the past, the game been working in conjunction with K-Pop Group Black Pink to stage a virtual concert in the game.

There are no results shown to Android users when they search for BGMI within the app store. app store.

When you click on the “Get it from Google Play” button on the official BGMI website is also accompanied by an error “URL not found which indicates it is not available in the Play Store.

However, users who are running the game on their Android devices are in a position to play without issues.

This isn’t an issue with the technical aspect of BGMI users, since players with iOS devices are still able to access Krafton’s most popular game for India. Since BGMI’s abrupt removal speculations and rumors have been circulating on the web, with a number of players saying that the game is prohibited in India.

The motives behind the removal of the BGMI app from the Play Store has not been revealed at this point, and neither Krafton nor Google have provided any explanation for the situation. The developers have yet to publicly acknowledge the matter through their respective social media pages as of this time when this article was written.

AFK Gaming has reached out to Krafton to inquire about the game’s withdrawal from the site and will update the post as soon as we receive an answer on the issue.

BGMI Removed From Play Store & App Store: FAQ

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