BGMI Skeletal Core M16A4 Skin || How to get & upgrade levels

Over the seasons at BGMI, Krafton Inc. Always adding new modes, items, events, themes, and more to enrich the gaming experience of players. However, the obsession among gamers and fans for gun skins is unparalleled.

While there are many weapon skins in the in-game store, upgradeable skins are available in chests or spins. Heading into the end of April, a new M16A4 is making its way into the game.

BGMI players get their hands on the new Skeletal Core M16A4 gun skin?

A Skeletal Core M16A4 pistol body has been added in the latest version of the Lucky Spin. It was introduced earlier today and is scheduled to remain in the game until May 27. Players have to use a lot of UCs to get their hands on the unique gun skin.

However, they can also use discount vouchers available in their inventory to reduce the price of each course, which gradually increases. Getting skin depends mostly on luck.

What are the different upgrade levels present in the new Skeletal Core M16A4 in BGMI?

Skeletal Core M16A4 is the latest weapon skin that uses 5.56mm ammo in Battlegrounds Mobile India to get an upgrade to level 7. Here’s a look at the different levels of gun skin.

Level 1: Level 1 carries the “basic look” of the skin. Players lucky enough to get the skin from Lucky Spin will get it like this.

Level 2: This level has a “termination effect”. Once the opponent has finished using the leather-wrapped M16A4, red and black fumes will appear from the opponent’s chest. Upgrade requires 25 paints and 2 materials.

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Level 3: This level upgrades the pistol’s leather to its “advanced shape,” enhancing structural bonding, and giving it a more serious look. Level 3 requires 40 paints and three materials.

Level 4: The unique ‘End Message’ is included in this level. Players who have upgraded to level 4 will eventually see their name appear in a stylish red background when they finish off an enemy with the upgraded pistol. This level requires 55 paints and four materials.

Level 5: Upgrading to this level with 70 paints and five materials will enable BGMI players to obtain the unique “Firearm Decoration”. The decoration resembles the basic theme of the skeleton.

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New M16A4 Skeletal Core Lucky Spin Crate Opening | Maxing Out Skeletal Core M16A4 Pubg/Bgmi

Level 6: This level upgrades the gun’s appearance to its “ultimate form”. You see the skin of the gun changes its color from black to ruby red and adds animation to the animated invertebrates. Players need 90 paints and eight materials to upgrade to this level 5 level.

Level 7: The last level contains a “loot chest” tinged with red and covered with the skeleton of invertebrates. To get Loot Crate, players will need 110 paint and eight materials.

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