Create Custom Maps In World Of Wonder In PUBG Mobile Game

Create custom maps in world of Wonder in PUBG mobile game ,hello friends welcome back to our blog and another article in this article. I am going to share the exclusive information and the news new about the PUBG mobile game.

if you don’t know the pubg mobile game and so the full form of this game is player unknown battelground game, and this game is an action, shooter, online multiplayer game in which you can play with the players of this game from all over the world. and also you can play this game with your friends by being online.

so that now the new update in the world of wonders PUBG mobile game ,have been released and now you can make a custom maps in the game such as you wanted to play with your friends the hide and seek and you ,wanted the places where you can hide then you can customize it the map by selecting the object.

and then can play with your friends and can do the fun by customizing the maps by your own it will enhance the fun of the game and also it will be completely new environment, so the now new update in this world of wonder mode in the PUBG mobile have been released.

in which now new items have been also added and also these are premium items which you can equip to customize by your own, and if you don’t know about these I am going to tell you all the information about that in this article so let’s continue to have our article.

New Halloween Object In WOW Mode

New Halloween objects in world world of wonders, hello friends welcome back to our blog and .I am her to tell you about the new Halloween updates which have been added in the world of wonders PUBG mobile, player unknown battleground game.

so now there are many persons ,who are searching on the internet for the new objects of the Halloween .which have been added in the PUBG game, so as you know that now the Halloween festival is going to be celebrated in the world .and now PUBG mobile have also added the new objects in the world of wonder custom customization of maps.

in which you can use and now new Halloween objects to customize your map such as now you can use the horror heads or the lamps or the candles.

and it was there are many more new premium and the best exclusive items and the objects are added in this new Halloween update of the world of wonders mode in the PUBG mobile game.

How To Create Custom Map In Pubg

How to create custom map in PUBG mobile, player unknown battleground as I told you that now mobile have done a very best thing is and the thing is that now you can customize your map by your own.

yes friends now you can customize it by adding your own things what you like such as you can add the bench or the bed or the new weapons there are very scary all the objects are included in this feature.

so and now there are many persons who are playing this game from not many times so then don’t know how to customize the map, in that case they are searching on the internet for that.

then don’t get tension because I will tell you the step by step how you’re going to customize the maps just wait the steps you given below to get the information.

  1. First of all you have to open your pubg mobile game and if you haven’t updated the game then go to Google Play store and update it.
  2. After opening the game click on the mods option and then press on the world of wonderful match.
  3. When you click on it it will start and you will see many options of the new items with you wanted to add select any item.
  4. After selecting any item what you like then select the place where you wanted to place it.
  5. When you have selected the place just to click on the button for the placing when you click on it the item will be placed.
  6. Here you go these are the steps to customize your old map and repeat these steps to place another object.

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