Double Lucky Treasure Crate Opening – PUBG Mobile

Double lucky treasure crate opening pubg mobile ,hello friends welcome back to our blog.and I am here with another exclusive article for this article.

I will give you the information about the double lucky create opening in the pubg mobile, player unknown battleground game ,so if you are also a person playing the pubg mobile and wanted to know what the items are.

which are included in the double lucky crate set then don’t get tension, because I am here to tell you what are the items which are included in the latest double lucky treasure.

but first of all if you don’t know about the pubg mobile, then the pubg mobile is one of the best action ,shooting, online and the multiplayer game which includes the different categories of the weapons.

and also there are a lot of locations are in the map so you have to land on your favorite location, and then you have to search for the weapon in the buildings and the houses after picking the weapon you have to eliminate the enemies.

 and after eliminating them with your friends or with random people you can win the match, so after winning the match you will get a lot of premium rewards as the winner which include different items.

Including all of this player unknown battleground game gives you a variety and a large inventory so you can add different things into your inventory.

such as premium outfits ,weapon skin and much more which you can purchase by using the unknown cash or you can get them using the crate.

And now in the pubg mobile game the latest double lucky treasure great is available and you can get it and open it to obtain the given items below.

Sweet sugar m16

In the latest double lucky crate you will be able to get the sweet sugar m16 weapon skin, so the m16 is one of the best gun which is available in the player unknown battleground game.

and this game is a sub-automatic Machine gun, so you can get it in the houses and the different buildings of the game but sometimes guns are very rare to find so this is an exclusive weapon of the game.

and the damage rate of this gun is also high, and now the sweet sugar weapon skin is available in the pubg mobile game in the lucky treasure set.

Premium mini14 skin in new crate

Premium mini 14 skin in new crate, so the mini 14 is also one of the best weapons which is available in the pubg mobile,player unknown battleground game of the most of the people who wanted to fight the long range fights with the enemies.

so they can pick up the mini 14 weapon because this is a little Sniper and this mini 14 weapon has its inbuilt scope which you can use to eliminate.the enemy from the long range and damage rate of this weapon is also good.

and the latest skin of the mini 14 is available in the double treasure so you can get it by opening the crate and you can equip it on the weapon and a time you want.

Best server for opening crates

Best server for opening crates,there are a lot of games at the pubg mobile, player unknown battleground game in the world and they are from different countries such as Pakistan,Bangladesh ,Indonesia USA or Australia.

So there are different regions, and the servers are also available in the game so if you are playing the game from the Pakistani server.

then you will get the servers of the Pakistani gamers and the Pakistani from another country you will get that server.

So in this case the gamers of the pubg mobile player unknown battleground game wanted to know what is the best server to open the crates in the game to obtain premium and the Epic items.

so the Japan and Korea server is one of the best and exclusive servers in the pubg mobile game and which you can use to open the crates to obtain a lot of premium weapons.

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