100% Bonus Top-Up event for Free Fire MAX India server leaked

Most of the time, Free Fire MAX players will be able to get a clear picture about what game’s creators are planning for the community over the next days, thanks to a variety of leaks from data miners. A new set of leaks was recently discovered that provide a detailed overview of upcoming events as well as rewards.

The leaks also included details about the 100 Bonus Top-Up which players have been requesting Garena for via the Indian server for a long time. Knightclown is a well-known data mining company, is the originator of these leaks . Knightclown has published numerous Instagram posts informing his followers of the possible launch of several new events.

The past of the data miner which has involved him providing accurate information on the upcoming content lends more credibility to these leaks. Find out what the leaked information is about concerning the 100 percent Bonus Top-Up Event in the Free Fire Max.

The latest leaks hint that Garena may offer the Complete Top-Up for a 100% bonus along with various other events within Free Fire MAX

Knightclown in an article through his Instagram handle He suggested that his popular 100 Bonus Top-Up event of a hundred percent will shortly be added to the Indian Server from Free Fire MAX. The data mining firm has not shared any other information, such as its release date.

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Given the fact that Light Fest campaign will kick off on the Indian server from the 7th of October 2023 and run through the 28th of October in 2023. Many anticipate the bonus top-up event to be announced in the next few days.

The game basically provides players with bonus diamonds on having reached a certain purchase threshold, which increases the value of the additional top-up.

It was available previously through the Indian server during August. It provided users with an extra 100% on their app purchases of up to 1000 diamonds. This reduced the cost of price of the currency in half.

It’s expected to be similar to the last event, in which the limit on bonus diamonds was fixed at 1,000 diamonds. Thus, players will be able to buy 1060 diamonds at INR 800, then get an additional 1000 diamonds increasing their total to 2060.

But, players need to consider this information with a pinch of salt, as Garena hasn’t officially confirmed an update to familar 100 Bonus Top-Up event the Indian server as of yet.

Other leaks Free Fire MAX events

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Knightclown in his previous posts in the past, has also suggested the release of three of the iconic Top Criminal Bundles: Blue Yellow, Purple, and Blue. Furthermore the developers are expected to introduce the Diwali Wish event alongside the Diwali Pass, Level Up Shop, Gift of Light and Elite Pass Offer.

If these leaks are confirmed it is likely that gamers will be in for a lot of work in the coming weeks, and they could offer a number of amazing rewards in the coming months.

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