Flare Gun In Pubg Mobile

Flare Gun In Pubg Mobile.

Flare guns are a rare gun in pubg this gun is different from other guns in pubg . Flare guns are playing a significant role in. Most famous multiplayer and online,action game pubg . a flare gun will not be found easily like other guns.

Uses Of Flare Gun.

If you get flare gun in match you don’t know how to use this first of all go to the save zone and saw enemies if your enemy is not here go to top of any house and if changed the crosshair to display as a circle aiming at the correct position to successfully get a supply drop.

the plan were come and drop a supply drop.the weapons off flare gun is rare then the other drops . you get items in flare drop is m249 the longest fire rate gun in pubg , mk14 the higher damage gun in pubg , Awm the bestest sniper in pubg and also you get level 3 helmet , backpack , vest with any weapon .

If you use this flare gun out of the safe zone the plane will come and bring an armored UAZ ( BRDM) . When you get BRDM the bullets of enemies were not damage you but damage your armored car when the health of your BRDM was finished your car would blast . but enemies damage you with a pan and mile weapon when you are in BRDM.

Places Where You Get a Flare Gun.

Georgopol is the best place where you must get a flare gun. This rare gun is spawn in Containers or in their gun also spawn in georgopole warehouses.The second place is Military Base buildings this rare flare gun spawn in military Base buildings . one luckiest person who got a flare gun .

if you’re lucky you got flare gun many people who got three times flare gun . if you get a flare gun three times and you look in your backpack and you see the one flare gun and you think it was a one flare gun .No, this is one flare gun but the amo of the flare gun is three.

Can Flare Gun Kill Enemies?

If you get a flare gun in a match and you think this gun is for killing enemies and you shoot on enemy so in front of your enemy were killed?

No your enemy was not killed because this gun is not for killing enemies so flare gun’s purpose is calling the customer plan for supply drop and armored UAZ.

If you get a flare gun in a match plz don’t shoot on the enemy because you lost your flare ammo and you didn’t call the plane for supply drop and armored UAZ .

About Flare Gun.

  • Flare gun reloading time is : 3.5s
  • Flare ammo capacity is : 1
  • Firing modes: single
  • Ammo type: Flare
  • Magazine: 1
  • Extended mag: Not an extended mag
  • Type: pistol and others.
  • Color: Red

Note: If you’re finding this gun in air drops so you are wrong you didn’t find this gun in air drops you only find this flare gun in specific locations.

                                          Written By M.Rehan Naz:

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