How to get free diamonds for Free Fire & FF MAX on Android (Update May 2022)

Diamonds along with gold provide the means to transact in Garena Free Fire and its MAX variant. Users can earn gold by playing matches and completing missions in any game, while diamonds can be purchased using money, Google Play balance or gift cards, in the case of Android devices.

However, not everyone can buy diamonds in Free Fire MAX or the original title because many users are still financially independent teenagers. Hence, they indulge in illegal practices such as using diamond generators to get in-game currency.

However, one must note that these diamond generators and hacks are nothing more than a scam, and one must avoid them at all costs. Thus, it leaves users looking for legitimate ways to buy diamonds in the game. They can look at the same in the next section.

The best ways to claim free diamonds in Free Fire and FF MAX on Android (May 2022)

1) GPT apps and websites

GPT apps and websites allow users to get various rewards, including gift cards. Their only requirement is to complete specific tasks, including taking surveys, answering quizzes, playing games, watching videos, etc.

Thus, players will have to consider apps that provide Google Play gift cards or other transferable rewards that allow users to get free diamonds. Some of the popular GPT apps are available on Play Store or PollPe, PollPe, Poll Pay, SB Answer and Easy Rewards.

2) Google Opinion Rewards

Apart from GPT apps, Google Opinion Rewards is a decent option that allows users to purchase diamonds in the game directly. After answering surveys on various topics, players can earn Google Play credits which will help them claim free diamonds.

Players should note that the availability of surveys is not as consistent as the previous method. Moreover, surveys are based on search history, travel history (based on site access), specific places visited by users or any random topics to get users’ opinions.

3) Giveaways and custom room matches

Many Free Fire streaming operators often organize giveaways to boost engagement on their channel. These giveaway contests are, on many occasions, dependent on the luck of the users. However, custom room matches allow users to get rewards like diamonds by winning specially curated games.

4) Redemption codes and Booyah App

Booyah app and reward redemption site are two more ways to get free diamond rewards in the game. The former allows users to grab prizes after recording a certain watch time, while the latter gives a reward after players use certain tokens.

However, it should be noted that the availability of diamonds as free rewards is not limited. Players may or may not get diamond rewards in Free Fire and FF MAX from the Booyah app and reward redemption site soon.

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