Free Fire 5th anniversary: Highlights and rewards (MAX version)

Free Fire will celebrate five years since its launch, and its 5th Anniversary in Free Fire MAX. Garena will host a series of events with amazing rewards.

These events are very much anticipated by players who want to get the most out of their accounts.

Developers have published a list of events’ highlights and rewards. The main prize is the Justin Beiber concert, which comes with free emotes and classics. There are also premium exchange shops, which can be found in the MAX version.

Note: Free Fire in India is currently prohibited. Indian players are discouraged from playing the battle royale title due to this restriction. They may however find the same items in the MAX version for the celebration.

Nexterra map and Diamonds Store. Also, find out more about Free Fire MAX 5th Anniversary

1) A new map

Nexterra, a new map created for the 5th anniversary of Free Fire MAX, will be featured. It is futuristic and has many important elements.

Developers have added new dynamic to the map, including antiGravity zones as well as magic portals. These new features are very intriguing and gamers will love to use them.

You can play the map starting 28 August.

2) New skins

Many new skins will be available for different weapons and outfit vehicles in the anniversary event. Below is a list with all the new skins coming to various in-game events.

  • Banner for the 5th Anniversary
  • 5th Anniversary Avatar
  • Celebration Call – 5th Anniversary
  • Unite – FF 5th Anniversary
  • 5th Anniversaries Pin
  • Sonic Eyes Facepaint
  • Ultra Spaceship
  • Spaceship Dominator
  • Crystal Pixel Slicer
  • Universe Shatter Loot Box
  • Electro Fuse Loot Box
  • Universe Shatter Backpack
  • Sterling Star Backpack
  • Titanium Harness Skyboard
  • Crystal Digital Skyboard
  • Futuristic Slicer
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  • Pan – Sterling Futuristic
  • Digital Basher
  • 5th Anniversary Parachute
  • Flying Saucer
  • Pet Skin Spaceship Moony
  • Groza – Sterling Futurnetic
  • Treatment Sniper – Sterling Futuristic
  • Sterling Futurnetics M4A1
  • Sterling Conqueror – M1887
  • Weapon Magician
  • Gloo Wall – Universe Shatter
  • Gloo Wall – Binary call
  • Katana – Sterling Futurnetic
  • Unlimited Punch
  • Bundle of Golden Futurnetics
  • Sterling Futurnetic Bundle
  • Passion Reuniter Bundle
  • Bundle Beauty Reuniter
  • Monster Truck – 5th Anniversary
  • Sports Car – Crystal Symmetry
  • Motorbike – Crystal Symmetry
  • Grenade – Universe Shatter
  • Grenade – Crystal Eerie

3) Limited-Time Diamond Store

Free Fire MAX will be celebrating the 5th anniversary with a new Diamond Store. You can get cool skins for your weapon with diamonds.

The store will be open only for a limited time and will be available starting 13 August. The store will be stocked with rare and legendary skins, as well as old weapons and outfit bundles that are free in Free Fire MAX.

4) Other in-game rewards

Gamers will be able to collect many free in-game items during the celebration events. They have also added room cards that are free to the game, and will be available on 13, 20 and 27 August.

The first two room cards are valid for two hours, while the second room card will last for six hours. These room cards can be activated by readers and shared with friends or teammates.

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