How to get Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

This Free Fire Advance Server brings with it excitement and anticipation, because it’s the first way that gamers will be able to experience new and new features. It’s released weeks ahead of when the update is scheduled to be released and is a test site to find issues and glitches.

There is a sense exclusiveness around these servers since not everyone is qualified to have a slot on these servers due to their restricted space. This is the reason Garena is implementing a procedure that relies on activation codes. The system restricts access for players for access to client. Here’s how to obtain the code for the forthcoming Free Fire OB37 Advance Server.

Important: Free Fire is banned in India. Because of restrictions imposed by the government, Indian players should refrain from playing the battle royale game. They are able to continue playing the MAX version and it is not one of the banned games.

Terms of Purchase Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

It is important to note that the Activation Code is among the necessary requirements to access any Advance Server clients. Only way you can have an opportunity of getting it is to sign up at the official server site. The steps required to receive a possible code are:

First Step: Visit the main Advance Server website using this link.

The site is currently unavailable and shows an error message that is prohibited. But, it will be operational once Advance Server is in place. Advance Server nears availability.

Step 2.Next choose one of two choices, Facebook or Google, to register and create an account.

It is crucial to create an account with the respective platforms, otherwise you will get an error with the message “Free Game account could not be found.” So it is recommended to make an account on any of them.

Step 3.Enter an email address that is active and create an account to begin.

Once your application is submitted to the system, you will receive the Activation Code which you will have to enter when you access this client on the first occasion. It’s a unique code and therefore will be declared unusable after usage. Therefore, it is advised to not share it with other users.

4.You are able to sign into your user account the day that the client is ready to downloading and then click on the APK Download button.

Unfortunately the application is available only for the Android platform.

5.Once your download has been completed and you have completed the download, run the APK and start your Free Fire Advance Server. When prompted, enter the code.

The next Free Fire OB37 Advanced Server release date

It is expected that the Advance Server will be released around two weeks prior to the start of this specific update. Since the forthcoming OB37 update is scheduled to be released sometime between November 15 and 16, it is possible that the server to be up and running within the first week of November.

Registrations for the server should start in the days preceding the time the APK is released, and the official server website is expected to begin functioning in the end of October or in the beginning of November.

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