How to download & activate Free Fire Advance Server APK

Since Garena released its most popular BR shooting game, Free Fire, the launch of the latest updates has been consistently. The hugely popular game has over a billion installations through Google Play Store. Google Play Store and is currently playing in the OB36 version that Garena introduced in the 2nd quarter of September 2023.

Alongside the updates that Garena releases, she has always revealed unreleased features before every OB debut. Fans can view the upcoming features in a particular update by signing up for and becoming part of Advance Server. Advance Server program. This is why one could say Advance Server is an testing ground for every patch update.

The next section will explain the downloading and activation process to download any file from the Free Fire Advanced Server.

Garena Free Fire: A step-by step guide to installing and activate Advance Server APK

Here’s a step-by step guide on how to sign up with Advance Server. Follow the steps below to register for Advance Server and get the download link and activation code:

Step 1.Open any browser that supports web browsing on your tablet, smartphone or personal computer and search through the search results for Free Fire Advance Server.

Alternatively, you can use the direct link “” to access the official website.

Notification: The link will begin working just a few days prior to the launch of the Advance Server.

Step 2. On the site’s homepage, you’ll see two login options: Google and Facebook. You must select the account linked the account you have created. Free Fire or FF MAX account.

In the event that you do not have an online account that is linked with either Gmail or FB the registration process will not be initiated. Thus making an account on Free Fire or FF MAX account using one of the options listed is vital.

Step 3: You will need to enter your current email address on the next page and click “Join Today” to confirm your registration.

Step 4: Once you have completed the step, the site will then direct users to the Download site, which will allow you to download the hyperlink to download the Advancer Server alongside the activation code.

The activation code is usually displayed when you register. Therefore, you can save the code for use later. But, if the activation code does not appear in the app, you’ll need sign in again to obtain it.

Step 5 5. Step 5: The link to download will show in the Advance Server website on the date the program’s beginning date. This means that you can use this link for downloading the client for the game.

Step 6: When the download is completed then you can run your Advance Server APK client and activate it using the activation code that you received after opening the identical.

There is currently there is no Advance Server is accessible to play Free Fire as the next update is scheduled to be released in the month of November 2023, either on either the 15th or 16th, since Clash Squad’s Season 15 ranked by Clash Squad will be closing on the 16th of November. This means that this OB37 Advance Server will probably arrive within a week or two of the update in November 2023.

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