Free Fire MAX 100% Bonus Top-Up event to start

Free Fire MAX 100% Bonus Top-Up event to start from 24 October on India server, leaks suggest

Diamonds are the premium currency in Free Fire MAX. Users must spend real money to load this virtual currency to their FF MAX accounts. Mobile gamers are looking for a cheaper or free way to obtain diamonds.

Garena offers its users occasionally the opportunity to get more diamonds for a lower price. The 100% Bonus Top-Up is one such opportunity. The Free Fire MAX bonus event encourages gamers to top up a certain amount of diamonds and gives them extra diamonds.

Social media handle data miners often leak events in order to identify them in battle royale titles. A recent leak also suggests that Free Fire MAX users may be able to witness a 100% bonus top-up event on 24 Oct 2023.

According to leaks, Free Fire MAX will likely offer a Bonus Top Up event within a few days.

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Recent leaks by Instagram users @swagamingofc_, and @knightclown_ revealed a poster for a forthcoming event in Free Fire MAX. It was called the 100% Bonus Top Up event. The caption reads:


According to the leakers, this event will begin on 24 October and run until 29 October. It will only be held on the Indian server in Free Fire MAX. These dates are also visible on the poster that was shared by the leakers.

A poster advertises that users can get as many as 1000 diamonds free of charge if they take part in the 100% Bonus Top Up event. This is still a leaked event and it is not certain that it will be made public. However, these past leaks via Instagram accounts suggest that the event will be as revealed.

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A little over a week ago, @knightclown_ posted, along with @gamingwithmodi as a data miner, that there would be a 100% bonus top-up event on 24/10. This event will be part of Light Fest.

Data miners continue to reveal more details even a few days later than the leak. This suggests that the Bonus event could arrive at the specified date.

This older, unofficial post leaked the following FF MAX events.

  • Criminal Royale – 12 Oct (which was true because this particular event is still ongoing in the game).
  • M4A1 Evo Gun – 15 October
  • Diwali Pass – 18 October
  • Gift of light – 20 Oct
  • Light Royale – 21 October
  • 100% Bonus Top-Up 24 October

It is important to note that information obtained through leaks can be changed and readers must wait for Garena’s official confirmation.

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