Free Fire MAX Elite Pass Season 54 pre-order commences

The players who play Free Fire MAX have the chance to purchase exclusive costumes, skins as well as other items through the purchase of the Elite Pass. Every month, a brand new version is released to players. At this moment Season 53″Jutsu Elemental “Jutsu Elemental” is scheduled in October.

However, the creators have announced a pre-order of Season 54 – Voltage Vengeance as the month gets closer. Anyone who purchases the same game will also receive the bonus item which is the Supercurrent Cruiser, a good-looking skin for the Amphibian Car.

How do I purchase Season 54 Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX (India server)

Pre-orders for Season 54 Elite Pass in Free Fire MAX commenced recently and will be available for “999 diamonds” until the end of the pass. In the meantime, players have two days to determine whether or not to buy the next pass within the game.

As mentioned earlier the people who finish having pre-orders will be able to receive a unique skin dubbed “Supercurrent Cruiser.” Additionally, as they will be getting the benefits of this Elite Bundle, they will be able to receive 50 badges immediately at the beginning of the subscription, which will allow them to purchase”Monstrous Shock” in the “Monstrous Shock Bundle” in one click.

The steps for how to order the pass in advance are the following:

Step 1.Open free Fire MAX in your mobile, then go towards the Elite Pass section.

Step 2.Next step, click the icon below:

Step 3. A pop-up appears on screen. Click”Pre-Order” or click “Pre-Order” option to be redirected to the pre-order page.

Step 4: In your next action, tap”999 diamonds” or the “999 diamonds” option that is on the screen.

The 5th step: A dialogue box will appear with the “Are you certain you wish to purchase this item” text. You can then confirm the purchase and pre-order your Season 54 Elite Pass.

Then, you’ll be eligible for you the Supercurrent Cruiser as a free reward. If you don’t have enough diamonds, or you don’t want to purchase 999 diamonds for this Elite Pass, you may delay until November 1st and then purchase the standard pass with 499 diamonds.

Rewards leaked in Season 54 Elite Pass

A few data miners released the Season 54 Elite Pass benefits some time ago. Here are some of the things that users are likely to get in the coming pass:

  • Jeep – Supercurrent Mobile: 0 Badges
  • Goldshock Evil Jacket: 15 Badges
  • Electro Evil T-Shirt: 40 Badges
  • Monstrous Shock Bundle 50 Badges
  • Lightning Basher: 80 Badges
  • Freaky Frank T-Shirt: 100 Badges
  • SKS – Gnarl Electrocution: 125 Badges
  • 1x Evolution Stone 140 Badges
  • Monster Globe Loot Box: 150 Badges
  • Monster Incoming Backpack: 180 Badges
  • Monster Incoming Parachute and Grenade Blast Experiment 200 Badges
  • Gnarl Electrocution Bundle, and Supercurrent Skyboard The Supercurrent Skyboard contains 225 badges

Be aware that these leaks do not represent the official benefits from The Season 54 Elite Pass. However, the majority of leaks regarding this Elite Pass are generally accurate.

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