Free Fire MAX Legend Unfold Top-Up event: Get free Katana skin, facepaint, and more

It’s no fact the fact Free Fire MAX’s annual top-up party is among the most anticipated events within the gaming community. The reason behind this is the fact that players will have the chance to receive high-end and exclusive cosmetics at no cost to diamonds.

The game’s developers released an event for top-ups today, dubbed The Legend Unfold Top-Up Event, that consists of three things comprising an Katana skin as well as a Facepaint and the Flying Slipper. Although all the benefits of this event are worthwhile but this particular Flying Slipper, in particular is truly unique that’s why players should not miss this particular top-up event.

Guide to claim free products from the Free Fire MAX Legend Unfold top-up event

The Legend Unfold TopUp event began today (on October 8) and will be in effect until the 13th of October. In this event, Free Fire MAX users will have to buy a top-up of a specific number of diamonds (in-game currency) to unlock various rewards.

The requirements for diamond top-ups and the corresponding rewards are as like:

  • You can top up to 100 diamonds for Green Edge (Katana skin)
  • You can top up to 300 diamonds to unlock Flying Slipper (possibly an Knife skin)
  • You can top up to 500 diamonds to receive legend unfold facepaint (Hides Helmet)

How to buy a top-up in the game’s Top-Up Center

Free Fire MAX users are able to participate in the event by using other top-up methods that are external, however the top-up center in-game is more efficient. Follow the steps below to replenish the diamonds needed to unlock the items mentioned above:

Step 1. First, verify that you have enough balance within the balance of your App Store (e.g., Google Play Store) account that is linked directly to Free Fire MAX.

Balances required to make specific topping-ups of diamonds made on the Indian servers are listed as the following:

  • 100 diamonds for INR 80
  • 300 diamonds INR 250
  • Diamonds 520 – INR400
  • 1060 diamonds for INR 800
  • 2180 diamonds for INR 1,600
  • 5600 diamonds for INR 4,000

Based on this Based on this information, a minimum that is INR 400 is needed to get all the benefits of the event known as Legend Unfold TopUp.

Step 2. Then, sign in to your account at Free Fire MAX.

Step 3. Then, tap the diamond icon that is located in the upper-middle part of the lobby. This will open the top-up area.

Step 4. Choose the amount of diamonds that you wish to upgrade.

step 5: An online payment form will pop up and ask for payment confirmation. Verify the payment using your credentials. After that, the particular quantity of diamonds is added into the FF MAX Account.

How to claim Top-up rewards from the event

Once you’ve completed the process of topping up Follow the procedures below in order to receive your benefits:

  • First step: Click the diamond symbol located in the upper-middle portion in the lobby.
  • Step 2. After that, navigate to the top-up-event section by clicking on the “top-up event” tab that is located towards the end of the menu on the left.
  • Step 3. There are “unlock” buttons along with the rewards. Click on them to access the reward.

Participants should be aware that they have to top-up the required amount of diamonds to be eligible for the rewards of this event. They won’t be able to claim all of the prizes in the event that you already own diamonds on their accounts.

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