Free Fire MAX Shiba Top-Up event: Get free Winter Shiba Gloo Wall skin and loot box

Free Fire MAX is a premium battle royale gaming game launched by Garena. The game has received more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store. The game is packed with attractive features, including thrilling, action-packed maps, fantastic terrain and lively weapons that players love to utilize on battlefields.

Developers continue to announce a variety of games-related events in game that give players incredible rewards, such as weapons, outfits, characters as well as emotes and other. One of the most popular events that is to players is Shiba Top-Up, a Shiba Top-Up event. players can earn rewards such as winter Shiba Gloo wall skins as well as loot boxes.

Guide to obtaining free Winter Shiba Glow wall skin as well as loot boxes in Free Fire MAX

This is a step-by-step guide players can follow in order to earn the Winter Shiba Glao Skin for the Wall and loot box absolutely free:

1.) Open Free Fire MAX on your device.

2.) Go into the top-up events via the top-up section.

3) The players will be able to find the brand new Shiba Top-Up during The Top-Up Event.

4) Players will get two new rewards The Hungry Doge Loot Box and Winter Shiba Gloo Wall skin.

5.) Gamers will be able to get the hungry Doge Loot Box by doing an upgrade of 100 diamonds as well as a the Winter Shiba Gloo Wall with 300 diamonds.

6) Players can use both rewards via the top-up menu following the completion of the required top-ups.

Anyone who reaches 100 diamonds will get The Hungry Doge Loot Box for no cost. The loot box comes with an amazing pet outfit for your Shiba pet. The look is cool and has a dragon-like design with a purple and green theme. The outfit has the dog food bowl within the mouth area of the dress that looks amazing. The heart-shaped cartoons are visible at the bottom of the garment.

The game’s description of the Hungry Doge Loot Box reads:

“Feed me, please.”

The second prize in this Shiba topping-up contest is the winter Shiba Gloo wall skin. The gloo wall appears stunning due to its blue-colored ice-like appearance and bricks. Three Shiba dogs are engraved on the wall of gloo, that look stunning. The players must earn 300 diamonds in order to get the wall’s gloo skin for no cost.

The description in-game for this Winter Shiba Gloo Wall skin is:

“Fun facts: Shibas were originally hunting dogs.”

People who do not have enough diamonds can avail the assistance of apps such as Google Opinion Rewards. The application was created as well developed through Google and is completely reliable and legitimate. Users are required to sign in using their Google account and will be able to access surveys from the application.

Gamers have to fill out these surveys and send them in for cash-back to their accounts. The money received can be used to redeem or be used to top-up the game’s top-up centre to receive free diamonds in FreeFire MAX. You can get rewards for topping up their event free through top-ups made using the Google Opinion Rewards.

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