Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile: Which game is better for 2GB RAM phones?

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have been among the most popular mobile games over the past few years. It’s not surprising that they both have Battle Royale modes. Battle Royale mode is the main feature of both titles. There are several similarities between them such as the solitary BR locations, various weapon classes, or in the thrilling combat experience.

While they have identical gameplay, the two games are also packed with distinctive characteristics that make them stand out. PUBG Mobile feels more grounded and real thanks to its battleground gameplay, however, Free Fire embraces role-playing aspects and character-based abilities.

It is interesting to note that both games differ in their compatibility with less expensive phones, since one runs well on 2GB RAM devices, while the other one tends to glitch.

Is Free Fire run better than PUBG Mobile on phones with low-end specs?

Before the article announces the winner, readers must be aware of the minimal system requirements and requirements for both games. They are in the following order:

Garena Free Fire Specifications and minimum system specifications

  • The minimum Android version:Android 4.1 or higher
  • RAM –1 GB (recommended 2 GB)
  • Version current –1.94.8
  • Download Size –363.93 MB (variable)
  • downloadable resource:Additional in-game content available with more than 2GB size

PUBG Mobile Mobile Minimum specifications and requirements

  • The minimum Android version isAndroid 5.1.1 or greater
  • RAM –2 GB (recommended 3 GB)
  • Version current
  • download size –1.1 1 GB (also offered in low-spec version with 559 MB of size)
  • Resources that can be downloaded:Additional in-game content available with greater than 3 GB files (excluding the Classic Graphic Pack)

If you compare the minimal system requirements and specs of both game titles, it’s obvious that Garena’s version can be played on lower-end devices as compared to PUBG Mobile. While PUBG Mobile offers the low-spec version in the form of the APK, Free Fire is the best option on paper.

Both games experience stutters as well as frame drops when played using 2GB RAM devices. However the frames dropping and issues with lag in Garena FF aren’t as serious. PUBG Mobile stops playing after a while, with slow performance that is constant, even having the most minimal settings.

Alongside the stutters, and sluggishness PUBG Mobile causes excessive heating for 2GB RAM Android phones. FF also triggers some minor heat on the phone, however the overall experience is better and players are able to enjoy a more smooth gaming experience without worrying about their phones getting damaged.

While PUBG Mobile has more in-game features and superior images than Free Fire and Free Fire, if you are contemplating installing an online battle royale game onto their smartphone with 2GB RAM Garena’s FF is the best alternative.

Note: If gamers are using a 4 GB and 3 GB RAM phone with an adequate processor of the Snapdragon 6 series and beyond it is possible to install PUBG Mobile in place of Free Fire. However, they’ll have to select medium settings to ensure the best game experience.

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