How to Get Free Free Fire x Assassin's Creed rewards

How to Get Free Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed rewards:

Free Fire doesn’t hold back when it comes to collaboration, as many new collaborations are made regularly. Recently, content based on the Assassin’s Creed franchise has begun to make its way into the game, allowing players to acquire various themed items.

One of the events that started is the free cover parachute (cumulative login). As the name suggests, users have to sign in to get a free umbrella theme.

How to get free Hooded Parachute from Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed event

The event started on May 28 and will run for a week until it ends on May 7. Players can earn three rewards simply by logging into the game. Here are the details to be fulfilled:

  • Log in 1 day: Cart of Hay
  • Log in 3 days: Gold Royale Voucher
  • Log in 5 days: Hooded Parachute

Accordingly, users will not have to put in much effort, and they will be able to claim all items on May 4th if they log in every day since the event started.

Steps to redeem the rewards:

  • Step 1: Users have to first visit the event section within Free Fire.
  • Step 2: Under the “The Creed of Fire” tab in the game, they have to click on the “Free Hooded Parachute” section.
  • Step 3: Finally, players must press the Claim button next to the skin.

Other Assassin’s Creed themed events

Only one co-op event has started in Free Fire, others will start in the next few days. Here is the calendar:

  • Cumulative login (28 May- 7 May)
  • Assassin: The Chosen (4 May – 13 May)
  • Target List (4 May – 13 May)
  • Assassin Training Kill (4 May – 8 May)
  • Daily Login (4 May – 13 May)
  • Daily Scout (4 May – 13 May)
  • Aftermatch Drop (4 May – 13 May)
  • Personality Test (4 May – 13 May)
  • 12 May Login (12 May)
  • The Academy (7 May – 13 May)
  • Assassin Training Booyah (8 May – 13 May)
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