How to get free rewards & gun skin from purchase bonus in PUBG Mobile Lite

How to Get Free Rewards and Gun Skins from Purchase Reward in PUBG Mobile Lite: The in-game purchase bonus comes with a winner’s card every month and includes cool and amazing extras including the latest outfits and gun keys. Talk about how to buy it.

How to get this purchase bonus for free, then how we will discuss it in this post, these bonuses are available in the game and include legend items. To buy the reward you have to recharge above about 100 BC, during the recharge you can claim for free and you can also buy weapon skins for 120 BC.

The best outfits that come in the winning pass are included, just like the legendary outfits, not in the way that free rewards are also available, in the same way, they also have the same free look and you buy weapons.

How To Buy “Purchase Bonus” In Pubg Mobile Lite

  • First of all open game, after opening purchase bonus in pubg lite and click on that
  • before collecting rewards on “purchase bonus” you have to do any recharge up to 120 bc so that you can easily buy 120 bc songs screen
  • Collect free rewards too

How can users obtain an additional 280 BC in PUBG Lite for free Winner Pass

Winner Pass: Bc is required to open Winner Pass in PUBG lite in the process of getting nearly BC free, wp for new winners 280 BC from BC pool will be added in the same pass to the next new winner pass for free.

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Information about the winner’s pass

  • Completed 10 tasks in one week to earn elite rewards from the crate.
  • Only missions completed during this week will count.
  • Both winners are able to pass daily and they are able to complete the challenge.

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