How to get free Room Card and Weapon Royale Voucher in Free Fire MAX week 2024

A new event is now available in Free Fire MAX. Players can get a free Room Card and Weapon Royale Voucher. The Room Card can be used to open a room for up to 8 players, while the Weapon Royale Voucher can be redeemed for a weapon of choice. This event is available until January 7th, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

Free-Fire MAX developers have created an exciting new series of events that are themed Battle In Style. These events provide players with the chance to win many rewards for free.

Weapon Royale Voucher as well as Craftland Room Card are two of the most sought-after items found in Battle Royale. These items are usually required to be bought by using diamonds (premium game currency) However, two events, the Level Up Your CS Rank and Claim Rewards, give you these items for free. Weapon Royale Voucher as well as the Craftland Room Card for free or for a nominal fee.

Free Fire MAX: Level Up Your CS Rank

The Level Up Your CS Rank event started today and will close on the 20th of July in 2024. The name implies that this event is entirely centered about playing the Clash Squad mode. To earn the prizes players must take part in a specified number of matches that are ranked in the mode they are playing in:

  • Two Clash Squad Matches ranked Digital Core Digital Core
  • Five Clash Squad ranked matches – Weapon Royale Voucher (expires at the end of July 2024)
  • Ten Clash Squad ranked matches – Digital Mania Pin

Free Fire MAX: Claim Rewards

Claim Rewards! is a mission-based event where participants must finish specific tasks to earn tokens. They then can utilize the tokens in order to redeem rewards. The mission, as well as the exact amount of tokens the players can earn, are listed below:

  • You can play one game. 1 Fun Token
  • Eight times to kill enemies – 1 Fun Token
  • Have three games with your other players 1 Fun Token
  • Find Booyah twice in the Clash Squad match – 1 Fun Token
  • You can get Booyah only once in the course of a Battle Royale match – 1 Fun Token

The benefits and their value are:

  • Digital Disco Hair – 15 Fun Tokens (Exchange only available once)
  • 1x Craftland Room Card (Time Limit: 1 Hour) 5- Fun Tokens (Exchange available three times)
  • Digital Core 5 Fun Tokens (Exchange available three times)
  • Random Loadout Crate Loot – One Fun Token (Exchange 15 times available)

How can I earn these benefits within Free Fire MAX?

Step 1.Players must launch the game battle royale, then hit the Calendar icon.

Second step:Tthey need to go to the Battle In Style tab and choose either the Level up Your CS Rank or the Claim Rewards area.

Step 3. After they’ve completed all the steps required then they will be able to tap on the yellow Claim/Exchange icon next to the rewards they wish to receive.

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