How to get Free Fire Name Change Card for cheap? (MAX version)

Name is among the most essential details that players need to provide when installation of Free Fire or its MAX version for the first time. Usernames typically become element of one’s game character This is the reason why people try to alter this feature frequently when using Garena Free Fire or its MAX version.

Change the nickname of FF/FF MAX cost 390 diamonds, which is pricey for a lot of. So, many players attempt to obtain Name Change Cards that are priced less in the game’s in-game store. Players who are members of the guild may purchase the name Change Card for 39 diamonds plus 200 tokens of guild.’

But, many people have to pay for the diamonds to be quite costly and makes it difficult for some to purchase names on the Change Card. There are a few options that can prove advantageous if you want to use the cards for no cost or at a reduced cost. The next section will look at methods for claiming the Name Change Card at a low cost.

Garena Free Fire Max: One of the best ways to get cheaper or no-cost Name Change Cards

The most affordable method of making name Change Cards would be to reduce the cost of diamonds because guild tokens are cost-free. So, you should shift your focus to the following strategies to obtain low-cost or no-cost diamonds with Free Fire MAX. This will make your names Change Card more cost-effective.

The membership plans can be purchased

The most well-known method of claiming diamonds for less is to opt for membership plans offered by the game. FF/FF MAX offers two memberships both monthly and weekly that offer huge benefits in the form of diamonds and other rewards.

The weekly plan gives the benefits of 440% while the monthly plan offers an advantage in discount of 6166%. Additionally, you can get 350 (at the price of Rs 159.00) or 2600 (at Rs 799.00) diamonds with monthly and weekly membership plans and monthly membership plans, respectively.

The two plans also provide additional rewards, which will find here.

Finding diamonds for free

It’s difficult to obtain free diamonds on Free Fire or its MAX version, however it is possible to do the same thing with other gift cards. Many GPT applications like Simple Rewards, Google Opinion Rewards Pay for Polls, Pay, Swagbucks, and others offer gift cards on various platforms.

You can get these gift cards through tasks such as taking surveys, taking part in quizzes or video clips, participating in games and so on. These gift cards can be redeemed and come with a set quantity of digital currency (for specific platforms) that can be used to purchase diamonds.

In addition to the GPT apps, you can also make use of the rewards redemption website provided there is a current redemption coupon for diamond rewards that is free.

What is the best way to buy the Name Change Card from the retailer?

This is a step-by-step procedure for buying an Name Change Card within the game after you’ve collected 39 diamonds plus 200 Guild tokens’ Free Fire MAX:

  1. Step 1.Open Game and log in using the method you prefer.
  2. Step 2.Tap in the Store, then go to the redemption section.
  3. Step 3.Access the “Guild Token tab and then click on the ‘Exchange’ tab.
  4. 4.Pay “39 Diamonds and 200 Guild Tokens’ in order to obtain the name Change Card.

The possibility of obtaining free or low-cost Name Change Cards through free Fire MAX/FF event (with and without diamonds)

Finding diamonds for sale or free isn’t the only method to reduce the cost for Name Change Cards, since you are able to keep track of regular events to get low-cost or free cards. One of those events (India server-exclusive) will be held on October 24, and will give you the possibility of a no-cost name Change Card.

So, Indian users can also mark their calendars and get the Name Change Card on Free Fire MAX with The Light Fest series. In addition to the events, newbies are also able to use their Newbie Deluxe Sign-In feature to receive the Name Change Card as well as other rewards for no cost.

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