How to get free Magic Cube via daily missions in Free Fire MAX

Free Fire MAX has received many improvements to gameplay. Garena has also been focusing on creating new events that keep players entertained and keep the game relevant. So, fans receive a range of benefits even during regional events such as the Diwali-themed Light Fest.

Its Light Fest event commenced on October 7 and has offered an array of game-related objects as free prizes. The most recent addition to the list of game-related free prizes are Magic Cubes and Cube Fragments that players can obtain on Free Fire Max’s Indian server by completing multiple Light Fest missions.

Garena Free Fire MAX: What is it? Indian players can receive gratis Cube Fragments along with Magic Cube (October 2023)

In the days before Light Fest commenced in the game, a lot of fans noticed numerous Cube Fragments or Magic Cube-related missions on the highlights. Based on these the first five missions that included free fragments were scheduled to begin between October 14-18. The developers have stayed with the schedule and have launched the following activities:

First task: Play with your pals

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In accordance with the Light Fest’s schedule The first mission for Cube Fragments went live on October 14 at 4am (IST). The players have two days to complete the task (and earn rewards) before it shuts down on October 17 at 4:00 AM (IST):

  • Goal:Play three matches with your friends
  • Reward:10 Cube Fragments

The player must finish the tasks with a game that they prefer (Casual or Ranked) together with their fellow players.

Second mission: Eliminate enemies

On the 15th of October, 2023 the second mission for the no-cost Cube Fragments went live at 4 am (IST). According to the schedule the following missions and rewards will remain available until October 17, at 3:59:59 am (IST):

  • Goal:Eliminate seven enemies in the game
  • Reward:10 Cube Fragments

Similar to the first one players are able to finish the second with any method of their choice (Casual and Ranked) to earn the 10 Cube Fragments.

The next three missions to appear along with the featured rewards they earned and remain on Free Fire MAX according to the following timeline:

3rd mission

  • Goal:TBA
  • Date:October 16, 4:00:00 am (IST) until October 18 3:59:59 AM (IST)
  • Reward:10 Cube Fragments

Fourth mission

  • The mission:TBA
  • Time:October 17, 4:00:00 am (IST) until October 19 3:59:59 AM (IST)
  • Reward:10 Cube Fragments

Five mission

  • Goal:TBA
  • Time:October 18, 4:00:00 am (IST) until October 20at 3:59:59 am (IST)
  • Reward:10 Cube Fragments

In this way, players can claim fifty Cube Fragments in the initial batch of Light Fest missions in the game. These highlights will reveal the upcoming of five more missions that will provide the possibility of 50 Cube Fragments.

50 Cube Fragments for free are available for grabs between October 19 and 23

Similar to the first set The second set of tasks will allow players to get Free Cube Fragments in the game. The five tasks will be released between the 19th and 23rd of October The mission will provide fifty Cube Fragments.

After users have gathered the entire 100 pieces from each set of missions they’ll be able make them the same Magic Cube in the Free Fire MAX store’s Redeem section.

In addition to being able to play the Cube Fragment missions that are part of Free Fire MAX, developers have already hinted at the release of a playtime-specific mission for Magic Cubes that players can experience on the 24th of October.

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