Get Latest Event Free Fire MAX (Parachute Skin And Pigment Splash Grenade Skin)

How To Get Free Nutty Quirk Parachute Skin And Pigment Splash Grenade Skin In Free Fire MAX’s Latest Event

Find out about the latest events at Free Fire MAX and claim the free nuts Quirk Parachute Skin and Pigment Splash Grenade Skins now.

Garena is always able to keep the Event tab of Free Fire MAX full of various events that players can take advantage of. These events give players thrilling and new rewards for no cost and all they need to accomplish is complete a handful of tasks.

In the midst of a fresh Clash Squad season just started the team announced an event titled “Booyah And Rank Up Now’. Participants have to play a series of ranked games in order to win the parachute skin as well as an grenade skin, for free. We’ll look at the requirements below.

Free Fire MAX Booyah and Rank Up Now event

The duration of the event: 22 September to 28 September

In the course of the event, participants must complete mission tasks to receive free rewards. The following are the specifics of the mission:

  • Booyah 5 times during C-Ranked matches. Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Booyah 10 times in CS-Ranked matches . Nutty Quirk Skin of Parachute
  • Booyah five times during BR-Ranked matches . Skin of the Graffiti Food Truck
  • Booyah 10 times in BR-Ranked matches . Grenade – Skin of Pigment Splash

In short, participants need to win 10 matches per match for Clash Teams Ranked as well as Battle Royale Ranked matches to receive all the benefits from the competition. The challenges are not difficult to accomplish. If you are struggling take a look at some Free Fire tips to get Booyah. If your friends are around, make sure to invite them to join you, so that you can accomplish the challenges easier.

Once you’ve completed the challenge after which you can go to the event section to take advantage of the rewards that you earned from Booyah and Rank Up Now. Booyah or Rank Up Now event. Follow Gurugamer to get the latest news and get momre’s free rewards with the form of free Fire MAX.

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