How to get Shadow Champion skin in Clash

Hero skins in Clash of Clans are among the best accessories, which help players distinguish themselves from other players and make the game more interesting.

Players can get some Hero Skins by spending 1500 Gems, but some limited Hero Skins can only be obtained by completing Season Challenges for that month.

As expected, the March 2022 season challenges presented players with the appearance of a royal champ after a long time. Players who wish to purchase the Gold Pass and complete the Season Challenge can unlock the Shadow Champion tier. This article will discuss ways to get the Shadow Champion look.

Royal Champion skin in Clash of Clans

Limited Edition Hero Skins can only be obtained by completing Season Challenges. Season Challenges are in-game missions that players must complete to earn additional resources such as hero skins and magical items.

All Clash of Clans players level 7 and above in the Town Hall can participate in the Season Challenges. It’s similar to the monthly clan games, but instead of the clan as a whole, each player earns rewards for themselves. Season Challenges have the following in-game description:

There are two versions of Season Challenges: Free and Gold. Players who purchase the Golden Ticket are eligible for Hero Skin and additional resources such as Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold.

“Complete individual challenges each season and get tremendously rare rewards!”

The Golden Ticket is only good for this season and cannot be carried over to later seasons. They can be obtained between the start of Season Challenges and the last day of the Season.

Shadow Champion is a Hero Skin for the Royal Champion, and can only be obtained by completing March Season Challenges. Players can complete the Shadow Hero set which includes the Shadow Queen by obtaining the Shadow Champion.

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Unlock the Shadow Champion

Here are the steps to get the Shadow Champion look:

  • Buy the Golden Ticket for the March Season Challenges
  • Complete 2,600 Challenge Points and unlock the Shadow Hero skin
  • Apply Shadow Champion skin by choosing skin from Royal Champion skin collections
  • Finally, Shadow Champion is undoubtedly one of the best hero looks in Clash of Clans that can only be obtained by purchasing the March Season Gold Pass because it is a limited edition edition.

Players can purchase the Shadow Queen skin by spending 1500 Gems and completing their Shadow Hero Skin set.

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