GTA Online offers Gray Vintage Frank mask this week (October 6-12)

GTA Online is giving away many free products this month and includes The Gray Vintage Frank mask. Rockstar will keep the joyful spirit during the Halloween season. The monochrome colors make it appear as if the mask was adapted from the film Universal Studios film.

GTA Online Players can transform into the modern-day Boris Karloff by wearing a mask based off The Frankenstein monster.

GTA Online players have until October 12th to claim their free prize. In addition to being able to get an attractive mask, but they can also be able to earn double rewards for specific tasks. They’ll need to make yet another trip to Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis that shouldn’t take long.

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GTA On-line players are able to get GTA Online players may obtain Gray Vintage Frank mask by doing the following actions

Kurze Trip missions first became available in their Contract DLC update back in December 2021. It marked the first occasion Franklin and Lamar were available on GTA Online. Players must ensure that their businesses are running.

The mission has three that are in all and can be seen below:

  • Seed Capital: Visit an office, fight the Vagos and then take back to a truck
  • “Fire It Up” to destroy an weed storage facility located in Vagos territory
  • OG Kush The goal is to get through a gang-related attack and then drive the vehicle back Los Santos

The players can get $50,000 for normal difficulty, or $62,500 for the more difficult one. Short Trip missions are activated by using the Pause Menu or by entering the smoke room in the Record A Studios. The game requires a second user to get started So keep this in your thoughts.

In any case the achievement of a single mission rewards the player with The Gray Vintage Frank mask, however, only until the 12th of October.

Anyone can take part in this game.

Kurze Trip missions were initially restricted to a set of conditions. GTA Online players had to manage their own Celebrity Solutions Agency, complete the VIP Contract, and then visit the smoking room at Record A Studios. It also took several days to receive the call to be made.

But, this changed on February 10 2023. Rockstar made it clear that players could simply download Short Trip Short Trip missions via the Pause Menu. All they needed to do was search to find “Quick Jobs.”

GTA Online players no longer need to purchase the Agency and then sign their VIP contract. The tasks are more accessible to all. Whatever their current standings on the map, anyone can participate in Short Trip and potentially win an award of a Free Gray Vintage Frank mask.

GTA Online is giving away several masks in the month of March.

The Gray Vintage Frank mask is one of the many Halloween costumes that Rockstar will give to the winners this month.

Last week, users were given a free Orange Tech Demon Mask. But, the offer was only offered for the week in question, just as that the Gray Vintage Frank mask is available for this week. The players should get the issue resolved in the shortest time possible in order not to be concerned about it in the future.

Additionally, GTA+ members can additionally get free masks for example, Masks such as the Gray Cracked Puppet mask and the Grimy Stitched mask. These masks will be offered throughout the month instead of just a single week.

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