4 BGMI gun skins as rare as M416 Glacier in 2024

The leather for the M416 Glacier pistol is one of BGMI’s most popular rifle leathers. The skin appeared in the game when it was registered as PUBG Mobile. However, the gun skin is still available in Battlegrounds Mobile India and can be found in the Classic Crates section.

The leather of the Glacier M416 pistol provifdes players with a rich stock to show off. Being a legendary cosmetic, Venetian leather is considered a rarity due to the limited chance of obtaining it. There are many other variants of guns in the game which are as rare as the leather of the M416 Glacier pistol. Here’s a look at some of them.

What are the rarest variants of rifles like the M416 Glacier being used by BGMI players in 2024?

1) AKM decoder

The Codebreaker AKM is a rare upgradeable pistol skin that was recently added to the game. Players who want to spend a lot of UCs on a Lucky Spin can get their hands on the rare sin of a gun.

The Loot Box available when upgrading the weapon is the best feature of the skin because it shows a jackal trying to catch a hare.

2) SKS snow-covered tower

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The Snowcapped Berg SKS was the first upgradeable pistol skin to be introduced at BGMI in 2024. Famous YouTubers have spent thousands of UC to get the skin, which is by far the coolest SKS skin in the game.

Upgradable up to level 5, the final look highlights a color palette reminiscent of the hexagonal crystals that were introduced in the game when the Mirror World mode was available.

3) Reindeer Gili AKM

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The Reindeer Ghillie AKM is another rare weapon in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Players have to spend a lot of UCs to get the AKM skin, which confirms its rarity. The Venetian leather is designed to look like the Reindeer Ghillie costume available on the spin.

4) PMGC 2021 Prestige Scar-L

The PMGC 2021 Grand Final is scheduled to take place from July 21 to July 23. To celebrate the prestigious competition, Krafton has released a legendary look for the rifle, the PMGC 2021 Prestige Scar-L, which is available through BGMI’s new Premium Crate. July

Scar-L Skin has a unique “quick” effect that has made it popular among gamers. However, the developers have reduced the chances of getting the skin making it a rare item in BGMI.

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