GW Manish’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, headshots, and monthly income in August 2023

Manish Dewangan (aka GW Manish) is a well-known figure in the Indian Free Fire community. His content can be found on YouTube by thousands. His videos are informative and he has been posting them regularly for the past few decades.

GW Manish, a YouTuber and entrepreneur, is close to four million subscribers. His current total of 3.97 million. His channel has over 825.593,000,000 views and he has 193 thousand Instagram followers.

GW Manish’s Free Fire Max ID and stats

GW Manish’s Fire MAX ID 663844446. He is ranked Platinum IV in Battle Royale and Diamond II for Clash Squad.

Below are the stats of the most popular celebrity:

Stats for life

GW Manish has won 64 of his 1392 solo games, which gives him a win rate in excess of 4.59%. He has 2224 kills and 379 headshots. His K/D ratio is 1.67 and his headshot percentage is 17.04%.

The content creator has a record of 4227 appearances in duo matches and 391 wins, which translates to a win rate 9.25%. He has racked up 9258 kills as well as 1504 headshots. This translates to a K/D ratio 2.41 and a 16.25% headshot percentage.

Manish also participated in 5029 squad games, finishing 698th out of 698 finishers. This gives him a win rate 13.87%. The YouTuber is a veteran with 11693 kills, 1971 headshots, a K/D ratio 2.70, and a headshot rate of 16.86%.

Ranking stats

GW Manish competed in two duo matches during the current season of Free Fire MAX. He has not won any. For a K/D ratio 1.50 and a headshot rate of 33.33%, he has three kills.

He has played in 25 squad games, and has eight Booyahs. This corresponds to a 32.00% win rate. He has 66 frags, four headshots, and a K/D ratio 3.88. His headshot percentage is 6.06%.

He has yet to play solo ranked games.

CS Career

GW Manish has participated in 3578 Clash Squad games, and has 1921 wins. This gives him a win rate 53.69%. He has 7550 headshots and 19769 kills, with a KDA (1.55) and a headshot percentage (38.19%).

Note: GW Manish’s Free Fire MAX stats are as of the writing date (4 August 2023). These stats are subject to change as Manish plays more matches under the battle royale title.

Monthly income of GW Manish

YouTube income of GW Manish is between $3.2K to $50.6K per month. His annual earnings are expected to be between $37.9K and $607.2K. Source: Social Blade

YouTube channel

GW Manish started creating content a few decades ago. His oldest video is from November 2019. He has uploaded 1020 videos since then. His most watched video has received 45 million views. According to Social Blade, he’s gained 90 000 subscribers and 12.65 millions views in the past 30 days.

GW Manish also manages a few channels on the platform – MR Manish VLOGS, GW MANISH VLOGS and WITH MANISH.

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