How to Fix Dev Error 5476 in Call of Duty Warzone?

The Dev Error 5476 is an Call of Duty Warzone error that appears after a player launches the game. A lot of Call of Duty Warzone players complained about the Dev Error 5476 on 27th July, and it was a prominent issue on all major platforms like Windows, Xbox, PlayStation (PS) 4, PS5 and many more.

Players have been posting their frustrations on social media following the incident of not being able to login in to the online game. Unfortunately the Dev Error 5476 has cropped once more on Call of Duty Warzone following the most recent update for Season 4 Reloaded.

On July 28, Raven Software wrote on Twitter , ” We are currently investigating an issue that Players have been experiencing the Dev Error 5476 , and cannot get back to Warzone. 

The issue is believed to be widespread as Raven Software quickly acknowledged it and stated that they are studying the issue.

Resolved Error 5476 on Dev within Call of Duty Warzone: Possible reasons

  • A glitch when using Emblems or Calling Cards: In rare instances, if users choose to randomly assign their emblems or calling cards and then switch into a glitch and cause to display the Error 5476.
  • Crossplay It is known as the Dev Error 5476 may be because of crossplay matchmaking bug.
  • Corrupted Files: It could also appear on your system when the game’s files are corrupted or the latest update for the game wasn’t installed correctly.
  • A corrupt graphics driver
  • Network problem

Possible solutions to Dev Error 5476

Enable crossplay

The first method that appears to have worked in the past was to turn off crossplay within the game. The steps below will help you stop crossplay

  • Open Call of Duty Warzone
  • Go to the Options menu
  • Navigate to Account
  • Disable Crossplay
  • Restart the game

Randomize Calling Card and Emblem

Because Dev Error 5476 could get caused by Calling Card or Emblem module glitches in Warzone players are able to try to randomly assign them. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to Main Menu, then head to the Barracks
  • Go to the Customization screen.
  • Change Calling Card and Emblem to Randomize All

If you have already turned on the Randomize option on select a random card and a symbol.

Relaunch Warzone and Launcher

A temporary device or system glitch could be the reason for the Dev Error 5476 error within Call of Duty Warzone. In this case, relaunching the game and also the client may fix the issue.

  • Get out of Warzone as well as close launcher.
  • Navigate to Task Manager and close all tasks that are related with Call of Duty Warzone and the launcher.

It is also possible to perform an uninitiated restart of your device or system and your network devices to determine whether the issue is resolved. Players are also able to scan and fix the installation of Call of Duty Warzone.

  • Start your app and in the library of the game, choose Warzone.
  • Click on the gear icon, and then in the menu, choose Scan and Repair.

If these solutions aren’t working in a positive way then you’ll have to remain patient until Raven Software rolls out a new solution. Since the company has already announced that it is looking into the issue, it will not take much time for the company to correct the issue. With the new update available and players eager to try it, Raven Software will work quickly to smooth out the kinks.

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