How to get free Eagle Prey Loot Box in Free Fire MAX

There are rewards pouring down on Free Fire Max’s Indian players as the developers roll out several events in Light Fest. Light Fest. Garena has announced several opportunities and rewards for the Indian server, with a lot other planned in October.

The developers recently introduced an exciting new playtime event in the Battle Royale game to keep players interested. The event started on October 8 and will have a an extremely short time span of two days as it’s scheduled to close on the 9th of October, 2023.

Check out the article for a thorough description of the latest game in Garena’s wildly popular battle royale game.

A free Eagle Prey Box skin is available for free Fire MAX

The interested players need the option of playing Free Fire MAX for a duration of just 60 minutes in two days in order to get the no-cost Eagle Prey Loot Box skin. It’s good to know that this isn’t as difficult as winning a certain amount of games or making frags, and it is likely to be fairly easy to fulfill.

Just playing one or two battle royale games is enough to accomplish the goal. The event will last for two days, which will make the rewards more accessible to everyone in the community.

Step to obtain a no-cost Eagle Prey Loot Box

Once you’ve completed the specified task by playing for the set period for time you are able to earn rewards from the section titled Events. Follow the instructions below to earn the loot box’s exclusive skin. Free Fire MAX:

First step: you need to first login to your account in Free Fire MAX by clicking on the Calendar icon.

Step 2. Then, go to the Light Fest tab and select the Free Eagle Loot Box section from the menu.

Step 3.Click on the claim button and you will receive the loot box skin.

You can now get the loot box that you purchased from the vault area in Free Fire MAX. The players should not miss the chance to receive a free Mythic loot box, as it typically costs around several hundred diamonds at the store.

Others Light Fest events

Login for Backpack

In line with the name of the event the only requirement is access the Free Fire MAX account for a specific amount of days to earn the prizes of the event. The prizes available comprise those from the Golden Eagle Backpack, alongside numerous other vouchers. The contest started on this server Indian server on October 7 and will run until 13 October 2023.

Gather the Light

Gather the Light is a more complete event within the game. The event requires participants to gather special Light Tokens via multiple sources, such as Team and Daily Missions. In turn, you can trade the tokens you collect for various benefits, including permanent gunskin skins, pets, costumes, emotes, and many more.

The event began on October 7 and will continue to be accessible throughout the month of October until October 28th 2023. Alongside the earlier mentioned items there are a variety of additional items, like vouchers and skins for melee weapons are also available through the Exchange Store of the event. Exchange Store.

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