How to get free NC in New State Mobile

New State Mobile, formerly called PUBG New State was a no-cost tactical shooter that is renowned for its realistic graphics. Like many popular game for free, PUBG Studios and Krafton’s BR game also allows in-app purchases and gacha mechanics. You can purchase the game’s currency NC to purchase items from the game’s store.

The problem is that NC offers exchange rate which means that players must use cash or gift cards to complete successful transactions. This means that a lot of F2P players are unable to pay for NC within the game. So, they often play around with mods to New State Mobile to claim the free in-game currency.

The use of a modified game client or tool is not fair However, some legitimate methods allow players to obtain NC without cost. The players should read the next section if are interested in learning more about how they can get no cost NC (NewState Credit).

New State Mobile: The most efficient method of obtaining NC (NewState Credit) for absolutely no cost

Before determining the most effective methods to get the free NewState Credit, users should examine the following exchange rates for NC according to (INR) (Rs):

  • 300 NC for Rs89
  • 1,500 NC + 80(Bonus) NC for Rs 449
  • 3,600 NC + 250(Bonus) NC for Rs 1,099
  • 9,300 NC + 930(Bonus) NC for Rs 2,749
  • 15,000 NC + 1,800(Bonus) NC for Rs 4,499
  • 30,000 NC + 5,000(Bonus) NC for Rs 8,999
  • NC + 15,000 (Bonus) NC plus 15,000(Bonus) NC for Rs 8,999 (via the NC Bonus Package which is only available once per month)

Beyond these main NC bundles, customers can also purchase the following bundles listed below:

  • New Survival Package:3,000 NC + 30 Chicken Medals for Rs899
  • Mini Crate Ticket Package (Dragon Knight Crate): 9,300 NC + 10 Tickets for Rs2749 (available till 2 September 2023)
  • Crate Ticket Package (Dragon Knight Crate): 30,000 NC + 40 Tickets for Rs8900 (available till 2 September 2023)
  • Mini Crate Ticket Package (Dino Rangers Crate): 9,300 NC + 10
  • Tickets are available for Rs 2749 (available up to the 25th of August in 2023)
  • Crate ticket package (Dino Ranger Crate):30,000 NC + 40 tickets for Rs.8900 (available until August 25, 2023)

Members can get no cost NewSate Credit by employing the below methods.

GPT (get-paid-to) applications and websites

A variety of apps (or websites) such as Easy Rewards, Poll Pay, SwagBucks, Google Opinion Rewards as well as others. These applications allow users to win prizes for free. These rewards are usually virtual currency and gift cards that are specific to a particular platform, like Play Store, iTunes store, Amazon, PayPal, and many more.

Thus, users can sign up for New State Mobile and buy NC by scanning gift cards, or by using the Google Play balance. To earn enough money to buy NC you must accomplish certain tasks (answering questions or conducting an online survey) included in a GPT application or on a website.

Using promo codes

Krafton also provides free NC through promo codes they release periodically. So, it is important to be on the lookout for promo codes announced from Krafton on their website to be able to duplicate the code and use it when purchasing NewState Credit.

Another method to earn an opportunity to earn NC on New State Mobile is by participating in giveaways hosted by streamers. Even though these contests are dependent on luck, they’re worth trying if you are seeking prizes for free for their customers in New State Mobile.

Note: Users should stay clear of any NC generator sites or applications and use only authentic methods.

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