How to use Free Fire MAX redeem codes to get skins and diamonds for free

How to use Free Fire MAX redeem codes to get legendary skins and diamonds for free

Free Fire Max is updated regularly with a wide range of features, Garena has regularly added skins, new costumes and other cosmetics to the game. This has expanded the scope of cosmetics available to players.

In most cases, players need diamonds if they want to get exclusive content within the game that the developers have inserted. However, many players do not want to spend real money on these elements; Thus, they depend on free means such as redeem coupons to get the elements in the game.

The rewards that players can get with leather redeem symbols and sometimes even diamonds.

Redeem codes can offer free legendary skins and diamonds in Free Fire MAX

Players will be asked to move to the reward redeem site to use their redeem codes. After players visit this private web page, they will need to log in using the home system associated with free Fire Max accounts. When doing this, they can insert the code and complete the redeem process.

Players need to complete the next steps to redeem rewards in the game:

Step 1: Players need to visit the reward redeem site – “” Players can access the site by clicking on this link.

Step 2: On the website, the next thing for players to do is log in to their accounts. Players can choose one of the six options to do this:

  • Facebook
  • VK
  • The Google
  • Huawei ID
  • Apples are identified
  • Twitter

Step 3: Players will be able to find a text field on their screens as they have to enter the special redeem code that is functional on their servers.

Step 4: Finally, players can finish the process using the “Confirm” button. They can then claim bonuses by visiting the postal department inside the game if they succeed.

Players can find the latest symbols in the game here.

How to link accounts in Free Fire MAX

Guest accounts will not work for redeem, and the players will need to link their accounts to any of the above platforms to be qualified to obtain redemption. These are the steps that players can follow to connect their accounts to the game:

Step 1: Open Free Fire Max and visit the game settings by clicking the settings icon in the upper upper corner.

Step 2: Within the “basic” tab, use any of the platforms to connect the game accounts.

Step 3: After linking the account, players can follow the steps mentioned to use redeem codes.

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