Latest Buddy Update in PUBG Mobile

Latest buddy update in the pubg mobile game,hello gamers welcome back to our blog and today. I will give you the exclusive information about the pubg mobile that has the latest latest buddy update in here and you don’t have to wait much more for your premium buddies.

If you don’t know that the pubg mobile is the world famous action ,shooting game in which you have to pick up weapons.and fight with the enemies to win the match you can play this game with your friends and even with random people from all around the globe.

but some people wanted to play this game alone so they could have fun by playing the game with their buddy.

So in the pubg mobile game you got a buddy or a pet such as you. If you like the dog or the cat or any kind of PET you can equip it by purchasing them

 and now the latest buddy update is here in the pubg game and you can use it to make your custom buddy.

New Buddy makeover series

New buddy makeover series as I told you that the new buddy update is here in the pubg Mobile world famous action,shooting game and now you are able to purchase your new buddies which are better.

such as dogs,cats and any other animal so you can equip that buddy and can enhance your gaming experience and can make your gameplay more fun.

So now in the new makeover series you can change the appearance of your pet and even though you can change the appearance of your buddy.

Code cracker buddy set

In the new makeover series you are going to get the code cracker buddy set,

 So this is the very exclusive and the premium buddy set which is now available in the game until release date.

so you just have to go to the game and you have to purchase that set for your buddy and even though you can win this set by playing the matches over using the wheel spin.

Neon drifter set

Neon drifter set is also available in the latest buddy makeover exclusive series you can also purchase that neon drifter for your buddy.

and can equip that set in the match and can enhance your gaming experience.

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